Eradicate The Horrible Word Banjh | Quotes Women’s Web In An Interview With Gitanjali, Founder InfertilityDost

Parul Sharma, author of Women’s Web writes prolifically about the cause of infertility in India. Indeed, the word ‘banjh’ needs to eradicated from the dictionary and minds of the people. The trauma that a couple, especially women have to undergo during the infertility journey is nerve-wrecking. The worst problem is that most the harassment in this treatment is psychology driven owing to social taboos and an unaccommodating society.

Read Interview: Entrepreneur Gitanjali Banerjee Wants InfertilityDost To Eradicate That Horrible Word, ‘Banjh


Women’s Web interview with our Founder, Gitanjali, brings outs the socio-psychological aspects of the problem of infertility.

“The aim of InfertilityDost is to be the helping hand to couples who go through the problems that come with opting for IVF. Along with the social trauma and the exhausting process, InfertilityDost guides couples and provides them with a platform to share their stories with the world. This along with inspiring and helping women re-establish their self-esteem is the biggest joy for her in this venture. This is what ‘real empowerment’ according to her is.”

Applauding the work, InfertilityDost is doing, Parul reflects upon our future plans:

“With not even a year since its beginning, Gitanjali has a variety of plans for the future of InfertilityDost. She has ambitions to expand it to Tier 2 and 3 cities, and neighbouring countries especially in South Asia.  She understands the social problems regarding this issue and aims to build empathy in the society towards infertile women. She exclaims, “We need to eradicate the condescending word – banjh”. As a feminist, she also wants to give more power to women and train female volunteers to “reach out to women undergoing infertility and support them”.

Read Interview: Entrepreneur Gitanjali Banerjee Wants InfertilityDost To Eradicate That Horrible Word, ‘Banjh






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