The Infertility Warriors | Published In Better Homes Magazine - March Edition

“Infertility is no one’s mistake. It’s just a part of life, not the whole of it. I realised that I was being unreasonable by blaming my husband.” Gitanjali’s personal journey story and InfertilityDost got mention in the article titled, “The Infertility Warriors” published in the March edition of print magazine, Better Homes.

Infertility is a problem that tests your personal relationship to the extreme. Prachi.S.Vaish, writer of this article captured this angle of infertility problem and deliberated on how couples can overcome emotional barriers. Problems will happen, life will go downhill, you will distrust, insecurities in relationship will crop up but one has to go on with faith and love. You can’t let it go.

“When my first IVF failed, I was at my lowest ebb. I blamed my husband for everything that was going wrong in my life, often telling him that we shouldn’t even be married; that if I wasn’t married, I wouldn’t have to go through this ordeal. I just wanted to run away. I couldn’t stand seeing him run in and out of hospitals with me”. As quoted in the published story.

Truly, the essence of war that a couple has to go undergo during struggle with infertility is well captured. Such couples are no less than infertility warriors. Struggling simultaneously on all fronts - medical, social, financial and relationship. Such is the taboo and ordeal that couples keep suffering in silencing often causing heavy pressure on the marital relationship and understanding leading to depression.

We thank Better Homes and writer Prachi for being sensitive to this growing problem of infertility and helping us spread awareness through their coverage. This will give hope to a lot of couples who are coping with relationships issues during fertility struggle.





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