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Recently we got featured in Women At Work . This is first-of-its-kind professional magazine and digital platform for talented women at work in India. The team brings forth fresh perspectives, insights, and tips for developing a professional woman’s career along with some fun stuff on board such as gadgets, books, and auto reviews. They believe that when you work hard, you need to play harder!

They found story of Gitanjali Banerjee and how the genesis of InfertilityDost was laid powerful enough to inspire women to work even after a sabbatical. Hailed as women entrepreneur to look out for Gitanjali started this social impact venture driven by her passion and personal journey.

Infertility is a taboo subject to speak about in India, especially among the great Indian middle class. InfertilityDost is breaking the silence and disrupting the laid conventions by being bold and demanding a change of perspective.

Read the complete article - Infertility Dost: Breaking the Silence

What Infertility Dost Offers?

  • A one stop solution for all infertility and IVF information.
  • Accurate information on various aspects of infertility through blogs– emotional, social, psychological, financial, physical and medical.
  • Expert panel to cut through myths and guide couples. We have naturopathy, acupuncture, nutrition, psychologists onboard.
  • Collates and shares real life journey of women to provide hope and inspiration.
  • Find and review doctors to ensure that couples reach the right doctor and avoid being cheated.
  • Discussion forum to find support, create bonds and discuss almost everything related to the subject of infertility
  • Comfort of anonymity – On the website a person can login and choose a pen name to stay anonymous because the subject of infertility is so personal that a lot of people might not be comfortable being seen especially when everything is linked to social media.
  • Conducts talks and workshops at various cities to spread awareness and break social taboo and humiliation around the subject of infertility.
  • Helping women acknowledge that help is available and they are not alone.


  • Trust is our main strength. For the first time founder shares her own story. This has encouraged many women to contribute their own stories that have inspired many.
  • Real emotions, real information from people who have been in it. No run-of-the-mill marketing type of information.
  • Easy to understand information and emotions so that common people can connect instantly.
  • There is no other website in India by an Indian woman talking about the subject of infertility. This bold step has encouraged many women to come out of their depression and fears. They don’t feel alone now.

Read the complete article - Infertility Dost: Breaking the Silence





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