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Pregnancy is an important phase in a woman’s life catapulting the couple towards parenthood. However, a lot of couples face difficulty in conceiving owing to female infertility or male infertility causes. The worst is when the medical cause is unknown (unexplained infertility) and even the doctor keeps throwing darts in the dark. At such times, it is only natural to find solace in our ancient sciences like Vastu, astrology, energy and crystal healing. In this article we bring 25 vastu tips for infertility correction from the expert Mrs Puneet Sharmaa who has helped many couples win this battle of infertility.

Disclaimer: A lot of people believe and find logic in these sciences. This article is for them. If you are not a believer it is absolutely fine. For these have no scientific proofs but work on subtle and psychological levels.

Top 25 Vastu Tips To Overcome Infertility

Here are Vastu tips for pregnancy and to enhance your fertility.

  1. You must put picture of happy babies in your bedroom.
  2. Don’t sleep under the beam.
  3. Chose master bedroom in southwest direction as this direction will boost romance and fertility in your life.
  4. Keep your head towards south direction.
  5. Put laughing Buddha with babies in your bedroom.
  6. Grow some fruit tree in south-west direction in your back yard and garden.
  7. When you are trying to conceive, avoid any construction or renovation work in your home.
  8. Clean your main entrance door on regularly basis.
  9. Remove all clutter which might block your main entrance door.
  10. Enhance the west corner of your bedroom.
  11. Place a pair of elephant pictures with trunks down in your bedroom as elephants are associated with pregnancy.
  12. Remove all clutter under the bed.
  13. Enhance your west or northwest area with metal decoration item.
  14. Put fresh flowers in your bedroom to enhance positive energy in your bedroom.
  15. Increase your fertility luck by having a picture or symbol of pomegranate in your bedroom.
  16. Don’t put any water bodies in your bedroom.
  17. Don’t put any indoor plant in your bedroom.
  18. Hang a crystal in the children’s area (west direction).
  19. Use light color in your bedroom.
  20. If you have bedroom in southeast direction then change it to southwest or northwest.
  21. Avoid painting of crying girl, violence and wild animals in your bedroom.
  22. Put Rose Quartz crystal in your bedroom.
  23. Sleep on the left side of your husband.
  24. If you have attached toilet in your bed room then close the door tightly when not in use.
  25. Remove mirror from your bedroom.

These vastu tips for infertility remedy and correction works wonders at subtle levels pulling you out of depression or any negative energy around. Thus, preparing your mind and body better for pursuing infertility treatments and conception with full gusto.

Astrological Remedy for Infertility And Childless Couples - Santana Gopal Mantra

A very important and siddha mantra known as Santana Gopal Mantra is very effective in cases where pregnancy is delayed and stuck. This mantra helps remove all the negative energy around you and create the right balance for conception. Puneet Sharmaa, astrology and vaastu expert says, “I have seen many people who are not able to have children despite of their best efforts for reasons unknown and unexplained, Santana Gopal Mantra can help such infertility cases”.

This mantra gets siddh after 100,000 recitations. If you cannot recite it 1 lac times, then start reciting it every day for at least 108 times after taking bath in the morning. Recitation by both husband and wife would be ideal. This should be recited while sitting on the floor (but not on bare floor, place a mat) and facing east.

Here is the mantra:





This mantra should be recited by

1) Couples who desire healthy and obedient children

2) Expectant parents who would like to ensure safe delivery

3) Couple who suffer from fertility problems.

The cure for infertility is there but you have to just look into the right places and have faith.


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Energy Healing Crystals

Energised healing crystals help couples struggling with fertility to resolve (both known and unexplained infertility) psychological issues by healing emotional wounds and traumas.

Rose Quartz removes fears, resentments and anger.

Aventurine is used to encourage pregnancy and enhance fertility. It is considered as the stone of love, which can boost all feelings and emotions, and also promote optimism and self-confidence.

Follow these vastu tips for infertility and see if you feel positive. These definitely help to create good energy around you. However, these sciences work at a subtle level and one must have faith or understanding about it. Let your angel come into your life, create a good energy and environment around to welcome a new life. Throw out all negativity and cynicism around.

About The Expert

Puneet Sharmaa is a celebrity International Healer/Astrologer/Numerologist/Vastu consultant/Motivational speaker/Directors God Grace Enterprises. You can fix an appointment or can get solutions through aura scanning and astrological assessments. Please subscribe our YouTube channel- GodGraceTv, our contact number- 9899289135, our mail ID - astro_puneet@yahoo.in. You can find more details on her website.




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