An Open Talk On Infertility Delivered At PHD Chamber Of Commerce, New Delhi

This Sunday, Gitanjali Banerjee, Founder of InfertilityDost  delivered an open talk at PHD Chamber of Commerce, Delhi, to sensitize the society about the problem of infertility and how to create a congenial social atmosphere for couples struggling with this issue.
She spoke about a sensitive topic of problem of infertility in India. This open talk was well received by the audience. With 1 in every 4 couple affected by infertility it is high time that we break taboos and stereotype mindsets and create a mature societal environment so that couples don’t hesitate in asking for help.
The talk also threw light on the pain of infertility journey through a documentary movie where real couples shared their real journeys. It was a heart-warming experience.

Gitanjali says, “In India, we have doctors and we have patients but nothing in between to bridge the communication gap and standby the patients especially for a problem like infertility where marred with social prejudices, a lot of times medical treatment simply goes haywire.”

InfertilityDost is that “dost” or friend whom you can trust to counsel and manage a lot of other services that typically a couple undergoing infertility requires at various stages of their journey.


Couples no longer have to run from pillar to post, listening to hearsay and believing myths, doing trial and error with doctors. InfertilityDost has created a strong support group and addresses all the pain points of infertility patients ensuring that they endure their pain with dignity.





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