Are IVF babies healthy in body and mind?

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    Nitya_ Nitya_ 

    When it comes to In Vitro Fertilization, the doubt that is harbored by most of us is whether an IVF baby would be as healthy as a naturally conceived one.

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    Renuka_Yadav Renuka Yadav 

    A new IVF treatment which allows the egg to be fertilised inside the womb rather than in a laboratory is being offered to potential parents in the UK for the first time. Babies conceived through in vitro fertilisation (IVF) grow up to be healthy adults and compare well to those conceived naturally

    Khyati_Singh Khyati Singh 

    Millions of babies across the globe have been conceived using IVF and a majority of them are healthy in body and mind, which is reassuring enough for people seeking to start a family using the technique. Continual advancement in medical technology and improving IVF protocol for the better are some steps being adopted to ensure overall health of IVF babies.

    Ankit_Arora Ankit Arora 

    Many people believe that cannot be as normal as those born naturally. This misconception has been perpetuated by ignorance and holds no truth. Babies conceived from IVF treatment are just like other children as far as their physical attributes and mental capacity are concerned. And they come into the world in the same way – carried in the womb of their mother (or a surrogate mother) for nine months until delivered by a doctor.

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    HariSrinivasan Hari Srinivasan 

    IVF babies have been found to be healthy and normal. Incidences of abnormality is the same with IVF babies as with normal children. Lot of research has been done in this area and it clearly proves that IVF babies are as normal as children born through natural conception.

    Rammyr rammyr 

    Yes, My answer to this question is yes.

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    Many of the infertile couples undergo IVF treatment. IVF babies are healthy babies if you take proper precautions and medications during the process. To avoid abnormalities in the baby, try to undergo PGS/PGD tests of the embryos. This will ensure whether your embryos are chromosome healthy and genetically fit for further growth.


    In actual their is no difference between normally conceived babies or babies born by IVF treatment the whole procedure is technically same as the natural procedure but it happens in glass tube not inside body.
    So you can’t differentiate a normal baby or a test tube baby.

    DiviyaSalana Sarah Willy 

    Hello Nitya! Just read your post. Well, yes! I can contribute a little here. So, yeah! I’m also an infertile person here. Suffering from PCOS. So, yeah! Can understand things here. Well, I’ve seen so many women undergoing IVF. So, yeah! I can relate how it’s like. Staying strong is the key! But, yes! A child from IVF is as healthy and as fine as normal. Doesn’t differ! So, don’t be doubtful. My friends have conceived through IVF and they are all fine.

    Jennifer_green Jennifer green 

    Hello Nitya, hope you are fine and enjoying good health. I am Jenniferr. I live in Canada. I am an infertile and have been TTC for years. I am no expert. But as a patient I have visited many clinics. I have talked to many doctors. I even have tried IVF twice. Though it failed but i did all relevant information. No one ever mentioned any thing like this. That IVF baby will have any such issue. I have even met many IVF couple who conceived and have an IVF born baby now. None of them ever complained about any such thing. Even doctors never mentioned any single change in IVF baby and natural baby. So dont worry and try IVF.

    Katherine_milakovic katherine milakovic 

    Hello Nitya, hope you are in good health.I am from York,UK and my name is Katherine. I am an infertile also.I have visited many clinics and have consulted many doctors. I even have tried IVF. It was not successful in my case.But i have never heard anything like this,that a child conceived through IVF will have such issues. I know many couples who have conceived and have baby because of IVF,and none of them have had any issue.According to my experience IVF is safe and would recommend you to go for it.

    Amelia_brown amelia brown 

    Hi Nitya, hope you are doing well. Buddy who told you this? This is not like this. The baby will be same. No matter he/she is naturally conceived or you use any treatment or assisted conception technique. I am not a doctor. I am a patient myself. I am trying to conceive for about 10 years now. I have gain all related information from different clinics. There is only way that IVF baby can have health issues.That is due to genetic or heredity issues. If the egg and sperm is infected only then child can have health issues. You can simply have proper screening of egg and sperm before embryo growth. Infact good clinics approve eggs and sperm after screening. So dont worry and Good Luck!

    Elizibat_James Elizibat James 

    Sucess stories always make my day. But behind every success, there was a lot of struggle. I’m so happy for you. That finally you became a mother. To be a mother with infertility is not less than a miracle. I really appreciate you. You suffer a lot in your life.No doubt MC is too painful. It breaks all dreams of a mother towards her child. But I’m glad you took a right decision. No doubt developing countries doing a great job in this field. But these needs more time to enhance their works and techniques. Congratulations on becoming a mother.

    Yashoda_IVF_centre Yashoda IVF centre 

    Hii everyone,
    Yes definately babies are healthy and fine.for more information about fertility treatment in mumbai


    There are no more different between IBF Babies and normal babies, IVF babies are also healthy in body and mind. They are fully feat mentally and physically.

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