Fertility test for both men and women before marriage

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     Riya Mehta 

    Do you think there should be a fertility test for both men and women before marriage?


    Before marriage it is essential for every couple to undergo fertility test and if your partner is incapable of having children then you must be supportive.

     Khyati Singh 

    Yes I am agree because fertility issues can be addressed as early as possible without the unnecessary biological, psychological, social and emotional trauma associated with barrenness.

     Bhumi Singh 

    Blood Group matching is too necessary thing for chances of a baby.

     Anika Bhavsar 

    Several blood tests are helpful in detecting a number of potential causes of infertility such as abnormal hormonal levels, presence of cystic ovaries, cervical problems, etc.

     Mauli Jain 

    Infertility is a problem that can ruin marriages. A relationship became particularly bitter when both partners blaming each other for this. Therefore, I think infertility test must be done before marriage so that the couple know the problem and able to find out the solution for infertility.

     Ankit Arora 

    Infertility is very common issue now a days. the various symptoms of infertility in a females are Changes in flow, Irregular periods, No periods, Painful periods, Sudden acne, Abnormal hair growth. Sudden hair loss or thinning of your hair at a rapid pace could be due to a number of different reasons. Hair loss is also one of the symptoms of infertility in a female and linked to PCOS.

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