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The Purple Ink talks about InfertilityDost as a social entrepreneur venture that is creating an impact on society by speaking up about a much required issue of infertility and facilitating couple to endure pain with dignity.

The Purple Ink is a website that celebrates women entrepreneurship. They help budding women entrepreneurs to network with the right people and resource steering their growth towards the right direction. The Purple Ink takes pride in being a woman. Latha Vijaybaskar, founder of Purple Ink empathized with the cause of infertility in India and resonated our thoughts that we need to speak up so that women can endure the pain of infertility with dignity. She spoke to us at length and shared our story on her platform. Latha also helped us connect with another woman entrepreneur, Neela Kaushik of GurgaonMoms fame who also extended her support for this cause.

Here is an excerpt of the article published on Purple Ink:

“Life to most of us is a balance on a thin line; between hope and fear, happiness and sorrow, success and failure; but to few women the line is a thin pink one on the pregnancy kit.

It is in fact amazing how the human species considers that every woman will automatically be able to become a mom when the time comes. And even more surprising that we consider civilization and its effects has increased cancer, asthma and allergy but somehow can’t accept that it can change fertility too. If cancer is a disease to be fought, why is infertility a loss?”

For full article: Infertility Dost -Social Entrepreneur Gitanjali turns taboo to talk.

InfertilityDost thanks Purple Ink and Latha Vijaybhaskar for carrying our story and helping us spread awareness about infertility.  We look forward to continued collaboration.





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