What problems women face during breastfeeding?


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    Nitya_ Nitya_ 

    Many women faces a few challenges along the way during breastfeeding. Whether breastfeeding problems begin in the hospital or surface months later, they can be the source of great stress and threaten long-term breastfeeding. what problems women face during breastfeeding ?

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    Shreya Bansal Shreya Bansal 

    One of breastfeeding problems is duct blockages. Milk drainage doesn’t take place smoothly due to such a painful milk duct clogging. There are many reasons like an Outgrowth of lump, soreness and infection in the nipples block the ways of spraying milk to feed the baby. If you are not able to bear pain during first phase of lactating babies, you must to visit the clinic.

    Kinjal_ Kinjal_ 

    Feeding your baby for the first time is a very immense and inexplicable feeling. But there may be several problem a mother might face during that time. Lack of understanding can also creates problems during nursing your child. Well, one can’t be successful over night. There is a specific plan to breastfeed the baby and you need to understand that first. A mother who has no experience in breastfeeding should talk to seniors to solve problems properly.

    Riya_Mehta Riya Mehta 

    Thrush is a fungal infection that babies often get on their genitals and in their mouths.It can cause problem to mother also during breast feeding.If your baby has thrush you’ll notice white spots in their mouth. If you think you or your baby has thrush, consult your doctor. They may prescribe an oral fungal cream for your baby. Mum and baby need to be treated at the same time to prevent re-infection. You can still carry on breastfeeding, though it may be a little sore!

    Dhruvi_Sharma Dhruvi Sharma 

    Women may Face several Problem during breastfeeding - initiation problems, lack of support, returning to work, perceived restrictions on personal freedom.

    Priya26more08@gmail.com priya26more08@gmail.com 

    Another breastfeeding issues is lack of understanding. There is a particular intend to breastfeed the child. She needs counseling, feedback and regular training. She can share her breastfeeding issues to seniors. Senior persons can assist junior mothers by offering tips how to breastfeed babies. A learner mother who has no involvement in breastfeeding should converse with seniors to take care of issues properly.

    Anika_Bhavsar Anika Bhavsar 

    Breastfeeding difficulties refers to problems that arises during breastfeeding. Although breast milk is usually the best source of nourishment for human infants, there are circumstances under which breastfeeding can be problematic due to lack of understanding about breastfeeding and lack of support of family or partner or due to inititation problem.

    MauliJain Mauli Jain 

    There are some problem that a woman can face during breastfeeding.
    1. May not producing enough milk for baby.
    2. Oversupply of milk.
    3. Strong let-down reflex.
    4. Fungal infections.
    5. Emotional and psychological ups and downs.
    6. Lack of understanding & Support.

    Aditi_Khanna Aditi Khanna 

    Breastfeeding is the natural way to feed a baby but that doesn’t always mean it’s easy. Breastfeeding problems involve the baby or impact the baby’s well-being. Some problems are due to circumstances beyond our control, while others are the direct result of lack of knowledge or lack of confidence, improper technique, or bad advice.

    Paruldhiman@yahoo.com paruldhiman@yahoo.com 

    To use or not to use: breastpump
    Your life completely changes once you have a baby, but I never would have thought that my world would be totally upside down as even going had become such a hassle specially when you are breastfeeding. With a newborn I was completely homebound, for initially three months I myself didn’t wanted to go out since the baby was too small and I didn’t want him to catch anything. But once that phase is over you really want some timeout and a new surrounding really lures you, so I was dumbstruck thinking how will I manage while breastfeeding as I’m not the kinds who would start feeding just about anywhere without looking left right and it’s not like there are feeding rooms wherever you go.
    In this situation I did something that horrified my mother: I ordered a breast pump online. The look on my mother’s face was of disapproval but in this case mothers know best doesn’t apply. I am a new mother and I will make my own rules. I did some research and asked around but didn’t get much as not many woman use it and most of them are not even aware of such a thing, but I wanted to test it out for myself in spite of a lot of revolts from my family.
    My saviour arrived 15 days after I had ordered –Medela minielectric , initially it was a little awkward for me to use but once I got the hang of it: pure perfection. It was expensive though but it is so worth it, you might get it anywhere between the range of 7000-10000/- rupees online. I did consider buying a manual breast pump which is a lot cheaper but it’s too much work, with electric pump all the work is done for you so it’s easier. My breast pump is easy to use and very portable, I carry it everywhere I go, not only that breast milk is good for almost 6 hours at 25oC after you express it and if you refrigerate it then till 2-3 days. This has given me so much independence and sometime of my own, if I am feeling a little under the weather then I express my milk and my husband takes care of the baby for me without having to disturb me for feeding purposes. My world has become more beautiful because of my baby and a little easier because of my breast pump. For the entire woman out there this article is especially for all those new mothers who want that time they call it as their own and as it is a little more knowledge never hurt anyone.


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