From Bride To ‘Banjh’: The 7 Stages Of The Infertility Journey | Published In Huffington Post

Huffington Post India did a story on InfertilityDost reflecting upon the pain that a woman endures during this journey. The journey from a bride to banjh is a roller-coaster ride of emotions often relegating the woman to the back and full of depression, guilt, loss of self-worth and ousted from active society. Through the platform of Huffington Post, InfertilityDost appeals to the society to be more sensitive to the pain of infertility and to create an ambient social environment to let couple fighting infertility live with dignity.

The word and  the negative connotations emanating from the word banjh should be banned. Such condescending behaviour has no place in society.

Excerpts from the article published in Huffington Post talking about InfertilityDost:

Almost everyone knows about infertility, but very few in India speak openly about this taboo subject. Couples undergoing treatment for infertility often have to endure condescending behaviour emanating from ignorance, a patriarchal setup and mindsets steeped in stereotypes—all this comes into play for what, simply put, is just a disease.

Through this article I wish to achieve two purposes—one, to sensitize society about the pain (physical, mental, social and financial) endured by a couple seeking infertility treatments and, second, to tell all those couples suffering in silence and humiliation that they are not alone in this journey.

With about 30 million couples in India affected by infertility, it is high time that we speak openly so that we can construct responsible social discourse and behaviour around the subject.

You enter a new world. You begin to hear terms such as IUI, IVF, ICSI, etc. You feel totally lost and you just know you don’t belong here.”


For full article: From Bride To ‘Banjh’: The 7 Stages Of The Infertility Journey

Huffington Post is a revered publication and we are happy to have found a space and readership on it.





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