Who is your supporter during your life journey?

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    Hello Everyone,

    Me and my husband battled for many years before our daughter was born. I was working as an editor for a website when we decided to try to start a family. After a few months of trying, I got frustrated. Mine was a case of unexplained infertility. So many tests, so many diagnoses but nothing could be detected. Lastly, doctors simply said it was unexplained infertility. But my husband still have hope that something will work and our dream of baby will complete one day. I underwent 3 IUIs and 3 IVFs before getting successful. Mine supporter was my husband, who is your life journey supporter ? Your husband / Friend / Family member or entire family?


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     Debjit Banerjee 

    Hello Sweta,

    My life journey supporter is my elder sister. She had supported me in all my tough times and we are very close to each other. We have many things in common ans she understand everything before I speak. She has inspired me to become the person who I am today. I appreciate her support through this journey in my life and will love her forever. I can say she is my “Earth Angel”.


    My Mother-In-Law, she is so adorable, a great disciplinarian, very generous and really have a big heart. I couldn’t imagine my life without her by my side ever since after my marriage. She most of the time act more than a mother to me… the one who’s really concern when it comes to my health, love life, and career.

     Sloka Patel 

    Definitely my husband. He believes in me even when I don’t believe in myself. We’ve been through a lot of life’s difficulties and ups and downs together. I feel so fortunate to have found him in this world.


    My Brother, He is my supporter, my Protector, my friend. He’s my favourite listener. We have an age gap of 8 years but this age gap has helped me in many ways.He is always pleasing, kind hearted and open minded to others. His ability to pass on positive energy to those whom he deals with is amazing. He has supported me and cheered me through all my problems from childhood.

    Special Thanks to my Brother.

     Nicol Smith 

    My life journey supporter is my mom. For me she is my best friend, my first love, & everything. On my hard time she had always supported me for making good decision. She has inspired me to become the person who I am today.

     Holly Rose 

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     Bree Nicole 

    My supporter during life journey was my best friend. Since she also underwent ivf treatment I could tell her and discuss all my problems related to infertility. My frustration gre when I was not able to concieve after trying for 2 years. She helped me with this fertility clinic named nova ivi infertility in bangalore. i conceived right from my 1st ivf treatment and a happy mother to a beautiful baby girl

     Holly Rose 

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     Holly Rose 

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     Ritika Jain 

    Infertility is a tough journey and it becomes more tough if you are alone and nobody is with u. Fertility centre in delhi is the best clinic in India.

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