Talk On Infertility In Rishikesh

In the month of October, 2016 we conducted a talk on infertility in Rishikesh. Around 80 women attended the talk wherein various aspects of infertility as a medical, social, psychological and financial problem was discussed openly.

Ladies, though hesitant initially soon warmed up to the idea that there are many in the society suffering from infertility and they need help to keep them away from depression. Tips on how to extend support to a woman undergoing infertility was well-received. Do’s and Don’ts were discussed. Women were made aware that it is not a healthy practice to tag someone as banjh and keep them out of family functions.They were urged to stop elders of the family if they do so.

The  taboo subject of male infertility was also stressed upon. Woman were startled to know that 40% of infertility cases are caused due to male factors and can be easily cured too. They were explained that if someone in their close family is undergoing infertility then they should reach out to them and encourage men to go for tests.

After the talk, women asked questions and discussed about their individual problems. It was a well-received talk on infertility in Rishikesh.

Here are some pictures from the event:





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