9 Safety Precautions For Pregnant Women Celebrating Diwali

Think of Diwali and a whirlpool of colours, crackers, mithai, lights and a dose of Karan Johar’s pastel sequinned couture, crops up. Though a time to rejoice, pregnant woman should be careful during Diwali for they are at a vulnerable stage of their life. And, we are not just talking about basic stuff but also about things that transcend beyond one’s conscious understanding. Thus, we have compiled a list of 9 safety precautions for pregnant women to keep safe on Diwali.

Especially if you have precious pregnancy (conceived after a journey of infertility, IVF or recurrent miscarriage) then it makes sense to take some precautions. Your real Diwali will begin when you hold the baby in hand!

Diwali Is Time For Black Magic Too

Diwali falls on Kartik amavasya night. A lot of old school people believe that black magic is practised during this phase. This is a night of complete darkness and a potent time for black magicians and siddhi baba’s to work on their powers. This is negative energy and can be extremely harmful especially for pregnant woman who are at a vulnerable stage. Take a look at the roadside circles and junctions while crossing. Stay aware of any suspicious object like earthen pots with pumpkins, black dolls, cut lemon in red vermillion (sindoor) etc.

At Risk Of Gestational Diabetes

Just take care of your diet as Diwali is synonymous with mithai and fried snacks. Watch your portion as pregnant women should keep their sweet intake under control to avoid gestational diabetes. Besides, stick to home-made mithai and snacks to keep your womb safe. Remember adulteration is at its peak during Diwali.

Firecracker Smoke Is Hazardous For Early Pregnancy

Firecracker emits smoke and pollution which are harmful for women especially in their early stages of pregnancy.  In the early trimesters, any kind of respiratory issues can affect the unborn child too. The firecracker fumes have carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide content which affects pregnant woman. This doesn’t mean that you keep celebration at bay. You avoid overdoing anything. Balance is the key.

Painting House Might Not Be A Good Idea

Stay away from quintessential Diwali whitewashing and painting home to save yourself and your baby from breathing issues. The chemical in the paint and the strain of this activity is not good for pregnant ladies. A friend of mind delivered a premature baby under a complicated caesarean operation due to breathlessness caused post home painting.

Shopping Overload Can Tire You

A fortnight before festivity shopping begins. Don’t get overboard in the spree. It is extremely important for pregnant ladies to consume small healthy fruity portions with ample water. It will prevent them from feeling dizzy and keep the energy meter high too.

Watch What Your Wear

Avoid wearing traditional heavy dresses during puja and keep the uneasiness at bay. Avoid is the word, keep away from silk, rayon and synthetic clothing as they catch fire easily. Stick to classy cotton or eco-friendly clothes. Be stern with people (especially mother-in-law) if she expects you to deck-up like a traditional bahu, like every year. You can always continue the tradition next year.

Stay Careful Of Burns

Minor accidents from firecracker splinters or unintentional dropping of a candle or diya though sounds naive but can cause long term harm to pregnant moms. Stay safe from any burn injuries as it is difficult to treat burn injuries during pregnancy since strong medications are a strictly no due to fear of harming the baby at this stage.

Avoid placing diyas on your own as the baby bump reduces visibility.

Avoid Loud Noise

Try to stay calm amidst loud noises. Loud firecrackers and music creates disturbance for both mother and child. Pollution and poisonous gases emitting from firecrackers is always dangerous but stay away from people who are burning firecrackers. A 7 month pregnant lady was happily telling how her baby was moving like crazy inside her. She naively in her exuberance mistook the baby being happy on Diwali while clearly the baby was getting disturbed due to loud noises.

 Vastu Says, Let There Be Light

As per the Vastu, expecting mothers should avoid going out in the night on Diwali. As demonic powers are overpowered by bursting crackers, hence expecting mothers stand vulnerable.

On Diwali night, when I was 8 month pregnant, I sat on my 11th floor balcony of house in Gurgaon, holding my husband’s hand looking at the sky and its myriad colours. It was a special Diwali for me.

Imagine how next Diwali you will be holding your bundle of joy in your arms and introducing the beauty of Diwali to him/her. Do take a serious note of these safety precautions for pregnant women and enjoy a peaceful Diwali.

Happy Diwali!





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