Sensitizing Society Through Open Talk On Infertility, Delhi

The aim of the talk in Delhi was to sensitize society through an open talk on infertility. Penetration of information about infertility and IVF treatment was achieved by having an open session talk with women followed by a presentation driven lecture.

Wife of Director General of Border Roads (Lt. General Suresh Sharma), Mrs Sharma (Pesident of BROWWA) invited me to conduct an open talk on infertility in Delhi for the families of Border Roads. It was a gathering of around 70-80 women who were receptive. They not only patiently listened to what I had to say about the issue of infertility but were also open in sharing their stories. A few women openly discussed how a close relative in their family was undergoing infertility issue and were inquisitive of how they can be helped. There was a common agreement that though all of them knew about someone or the other in their social circle who was suffering from infertility but were hesitant and unaware to handle such a situation. Post- discussion, they not only understood the gravity of situation but also got some tips on how providing emotional support to a couple suffering infertility.

Role of men in infertility was emphasized. Women were urged to help men in their family to be sensitive and support their women if confronted by a crisis of similar nature. Help is easily available and how to financially manage IVF treatment was also discussed. Treatment options in Delhi were explained in detail.

After the presentation, women unanimously took a pledge never ever to use the word ‘banjh’ themselves or let anyone else use it to humiliate a woman undergoing infertility treatment.

Interactive and responsive group is always a pleasure when conducting a talk especially if the subject of discussion is a bit heavy. InfertilityDost takes this opportunity to thank Mrs Sharma and all other ladies who helped us conduct a successful workshop. A special thanks to Mrs Nair and Mrs Riddhima whose enthusiasm helped us conduct a seamless talk. I felt happy to talk to the ladies of BRO. I was showered with love and felicitated with a memorable souvenir.

We need such enterprising women to come forth in helping to conduct such workshops and open talk on infertility.





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