8 Tips To Mend A Broken Heart After Infertility Treatment Failure

Temporary infertility treatment failure and heartbreak is inevitable. However, the real strength lies in continuing even after falling. So, you stare failure in the face and then get up and box it hard. Don’t let failure take life away from you.

Feel The Pain. Don’t Avoid It

Fact: you have to grieve in order to move on. If you go around the pain, you will bump into it somewhere else, like a traffic jam. By going through the intense pain, it will lose its stronghold on you.

List Your Strengths

To keep going, know your strengths and talk yourself into becoming stronger. List it out and speak it, by the last line you will break out from the sadness and try to be productive individual in this world.

Help Someone Else

When you turn your attention to another person - especially someone who is struggling with the same kind of pain – you forget yourself for a split moment. And that is what you need.

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Exercise increases the activity of serotonin and stimulates brain chemicals that foster growth of nerve cells. On the emotional level, you are taking charge and becoming the master of your mind and body.

Change Your Habits

The point is to break-up the old associations and give yourself a new environment for your new life. Move the furniture. Use a different shampoo, Get a new haircut – anything will help.

Listen To Music

“Your song” Relive your romance. Enjoy as a couple. Put on the music that you once grooved to and go with the flow. The music aids in thinking and relaxing.

Start Journaling

Even though it sounds like an assignment, it is a good way to release all the emotions. Even writing poetry, painting, anything that helps you vent out helps.

Get Pampered

A good massage makes you happy, provides you a senses of touch without the complications.


Remember no one can hurt you without your permission. So, grieve as much as you want, take your time and, once you have cooled down then think hard and take the right decision so that there is no further infertility treatment failure. Infertility is definitely curable and then there is no dearth of options like IVF, surrogacy or adoption. Do what makes you happy!

Inspired from an article on TOI, Sunday Magazine Edition.




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