I wish I Had Worried Less And Enjoyed Life With My Husband Instead - A True IVF Success Story

This is the story of Sonal who lives in Gurgaon and runs an online jewellery store. She is always chirpy, unconditionally loving and has loads of infectious energy. Her positive vibes is energizing. She braved this struggle of infertility and is now blessed with a baby boy. Read her true IVF success story to stay inspired.

How long was your struggle with infertility?

It was almost 3 yrs of active struggle though passively it began much before.

Tell us a bit about the complications you had.

Mine was a case of unexplained infertility. So many tests, so many diagnoses but nothing could be detected. Lastly, doctors simply gave up and said it was unexplained infertility. I underwent 3 IUIs and 3 IVFs before getting successful.

How did you overcome the physical and emotional problems during this phase?

My family and friends were unaware of what I was going through. My husband was my only rock solid support.
Tell us how you finally won this battle.

With patience and perseverance I managed to win this infertility battle. My family started advising me to adopt but I did not give up.

What advice/tips would you like to give to women going through infertility phase?

Have patience and don’t make getting pregnant your biggest mission of life. Take it as a part of life and live your life to the fullest even while going through infertility treatments.

Because once you have the baby which you will definitely have, you will miss your old days of freedom. So enjoy while you can.

Tell us one cute habit of your baby

My baby is still 3 months old and though he hasn’t developed many habits. Yet, I love it when he stretches his arms and gives me a full toothless smile after every feed. Makes my day and all the infertility treatment worth it!

Now when you look back at all these years what thoughts come to your mind.

Those injections, trips to doc, were nothing as compared to the joy I now have in my arms.

Which was the most difficult thing to fight during this phase - emotional insecurities, relationship turmoil, social pressures, financial burden, physical and medical intervention or anything else?

The TWW (Two weeks wait) after each IVF where I would rest and rest and keep thinking about the results was the most difficult part. It just makes you mad thinking, “hoga, nahi hoga”; all the time.

How was your experience with doctors? Would you like to share a pleasant or unpleasant instance? Any doctor/ clinic you would recommend.  Any tips regarding doctors you would like to share with our ladies based on your experience. 

Educate yourself and ask your doc all sorts of queries. My doctor missed one of my blood investigations during the process which I reminded her and later on proved to be very beneficial for success of IVF. On third attempt finally my IVF got successful at Apollo Miracles Hospital in Sector 14, Gurgaon.

What is that one thing you could have done better to reduce the stress during infertility struggle.

I wish I had worried less and enjoyed life with my husband instead.

What will you advise couples going through infertility.

You are almost there. Keep trying but don’t let it overwhelm you.

This was Sonal’s IVF success story. Spread the good words and motivate a friend who needs support. If you too have a braving infertility journey story then don’t hesitate to connect with us. We need more people like Sonal to #OpenUp and #SpreadAwareness





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