Problems faced by working women with fertility issues

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    It is becoming more and more difficult to handle the work I had to do at the office and manage to go for fertility treatments. My boss and my colleagues are not understanding the stress I am under and why I often take leaves for fertility treatments.

    I love my career. But, how do I manage my career in midst of the fertility problems?


    Be Strong and be happy, the way you are fighting with your infertility. Don’t get dishearten and try to find out the right solution which will not miss your treatment appointments and work too. Stress can be one of the factor for infertility or to boost it. So I will suggest reduce your stress, try to do yoga & meditation. Don’t worry everything will be fine, stay positive and stress free.

     Juliet Rocks 

    Hi! How are you? I am Juliet! I am new to this discussion! I cherish perusing remarks here! I thought to share my story here! I am experiencing a coronary illness name Mitral Stenosis. For instance: If regularly blood streams from left to right, it’ll spill out of appropriate to left in a more fierce way as opposed to stream line. I am so much stressed! Specialists said we have no changeless treatment of this malady! You simply must be on drugs! My DH is extremely strong that is the main in addition to point in my life! In the event that you know anything about my treatment! Tell me! I need to carry on with a cheerful wedded existence with my child! I have none to impart my concern to! Ideally my dim days will vanish away!

     Lilly walker 

    Hey, How are you? Please don’t think that you are doing it wrong. Trust me you are doing it for yourself. Ask your doctor to make appointments that do not clash with your office timings. Don’t take stress and pressure. This is the last thing you need in your life right now. Everything takes time. Try to take time for yourself as well. Relieve your stress and do yoga. Sleep on time. Wake up early so that you start a good day. In that way, you won’t be tired and lazy. Take a good diet. I wish you the best of luck. You will do great soon.

     kate pattinson 

    Hey dear, I really felt your spirit. I am glad that you are a working woman. But don’t let things rule over yourself. Be strong and lead a happy life. I know infertility is not so easy to be handled. My half-life has been passed facing it. It was so difficult for me to step ahead and face the world. Due to my heart problem and hormones, I couldn’t conceive naturally. But my husband was my support system. He never left me alone. He helped me to get normal. I can understand his deprivation and need of a child. Sometimes I get worried and sad about my health condition. I will be considering alternatives soon.

     chloe charles 

    Hello, how are doing? Indeed dealing with infertility is the hardest thing for women. We women are so sensitive by nature. We feel every emotion so close. being a mother someday is the ultimate dream for all of us. We can feel proud of so many things. But being called a mother is unbeatable. It’s just so priceless. May we all get through this disgrace. And enjoy our lives with our children. Even by artificial methods like IVF or Surrogacy. Because being a mother feels like an ultimate Queen. Good luck everyone.

     amelia robert 

    Hi! Hope you will be fine soon. The way you are fighting with your infertility is amazing. I know you are going through a very tough time. Infertility is a nightmare for every woman. But don’t get disheartened. Try to be strong. Infertility is the worst disease. A lot of people experience it. My cousin was one of them. She faced a very hard time. Then she heard about surrogacy. She opted for it and blessed with a baby girl through surrogacy. Surrogacy is a blessing. I hope you will be a mother soon. Don’t worry everything will be fine, stay positive and stress-free. My prayers are with you.

     Iris Watson 

    Hey, hope you are doing well. The only suggestion i have for you is to be strong. Life is never going to be easy for anyone of us. It gets harder and harder at times. Be strong, it is the only key you will feel relaxed and get away with the burden. And a relaxed mind can deal things more easily. A relaxed can work more efficiently. And one more thing, prioritize things. I think then it will be easy for you to think what matters to you the most. And also struggling with my infertility for so long. And Its hard for me to even breathe sometimes. so i can literally understand how are you feeling right now. But being strong is the only key. I am planning for my surrogacy these days so my first priority is my process. I am focusing on it completely. I hope things work out for you. And also things work out for me as well. Sending you so much love and prayers. Take good care of yourself. And try to be as relax as you can be.

     Alexis Bauer 

    Hello Lakshmi. I hope you are at the best of your health. Yes it can get too much. yes you may be confused for a while. But please dont dishearten. You will slowly learn to get the hang of it. You will learn how to manage your time. Dont be too hard on yourself. you already are doing a great job. You are in a process of a miracle. Just relax, read some articles about time management. Dont overflow your to do list. Each day focus on the 3 most important tasks that need to be done. Do not write down the side quests. Because if you do, then you will keep doing the side quests and wont do the main quest. Prioritize and work accordingly. Most important go easy on yourself. Best of luck for your future endeavours.

     Yashoda IVF centre 

    Hii everyone,
    Today mostly women are carrier oriented so their are many problems faced by working women like irregular mensuration,stress,improper diet and many more.for more information about Problems faced by working women with fertility issues

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