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    Marina_j marina j 

    Well, infertility is one of the major issues nowadays. It’s getting common with the passage of time. A few years ago, it was hard to hear about some infertility case. However, every sixth couple is facing infertility issues. There could be many causes for infertility. It could be either due to some genetic disease or some accident. Those who are facing infertility issues feel shy to talk about them. They hesitate as they think people will make fun of them. I’m posting such stuff to spread awareness among the individuals. Dear aspirants, science has progressed in every field. Treatments like surrogacy and IVF made it possible to overcome infertility. Another problem is choosing the right clinic. I have seen many cases in which individuals were scammed by the clinics. So as per my opinion, people should choose a clinic which is providing a guarantee for the success. Now it’s up to the aspirants whether they choose surrogacy or any other treatment.

    Cameron_Cruise Cameron_Cruise 

    Hi there! Hope you are well! Yes I agree with you! Infertility is a curse! It has spoiled many people’s lives! I am an infertile too! I got married 5 years ago! I had faced 3 miscarriages during this period! It was a nightmare for me! I was really disturbed! Then my DH is very cooperative! He said to me to adopt a child! I was not willing! I wanted to have my own child! We went to consultant! She said that go for surrogacy! I am not sure if its successful or not! I am really upset! I am posting here because I want some honest suggestions! I don’t have anyone to share that’s why I am here for some advises! Thanks in advance!

    Bella_k bella k 

    Yes, dear after every treatment there is a proper precaution for it. I remember the time when my aunt was declared infertile. She is a very strong woman. She decided to get IVF treatment. During that treatment different IVF shots were given to her. It was a bit painful. The doctor also gave her steroids during that which have no side effect. With the good treatment, she becomes a mother of the baby girl. It’s like a normal pregnancy. That you have to take rest. Her doctor told her to walk slowly. So after IVF, you have precautionary measures like after normal delivery. So it’s also normal. If you are suffering from the same. I wish you a very good luck. My best wishes are with you

    Bitter_Cooper Bitter Cooper 

    I am much amazed by the science. Science has given a lot of options to be happy. There are many alternatives to fighting infertility. IVF, IUI, and surrogacy are among them. There are many infertility clinics. The world has adopted these. Surrogacy is a common alternative. It is spreading happiness all over the world. Those people who lose the hope of being a parent are now happily living with their children. This is all possible due to surrogacy. My sister had been facing infertility. She went through surrogacy. And she has a son now. No doubt, surrogacy is a wonder for everyone.

    Mia smith chloe charles 

    Hello dear, Your infertility journey was so emotional it touched my heart. that’s the toughest situation a person can ever be in. Brave people like you don’t feel sad about a condition like this. We all have faced failure in life. And it makes us stronger than before. It’s not about pushing us down. Take a deep breath and move on. Don’t get confused. Your inner strength shouldn’t feel lost. Go for infertility treatments like IVF or Surrogacy. I hope it would be beneficial to you. You’ll make it for sure. Good luck to you too.

    Sneha_Lims Sneha Lims 

    Hi there how are you? I hope you are fine. Thanks for posting here. These posts are really helpful for me. This forum is really helping me a lot. I love my time here. Well Taking about Infertility I will say it is very common now. According to the survey, every sixth woman faces infertility. This is really sad. Thanks to the science for providing us the solution of infertility. These treatments are really great. They are creating families for years. My cousin also had a successful Surrogacy journey. She loved her treatment and now by the grace of Almighty, she is a happy mother. May God bless every woman who is going through these treatments.

    Tina_Walker Tina Walker 

    Thank you so much for posting this. It is really helpful. As my story is related to this so I want to share my story there. I was diagnosed with PCOS about 7 years ago. That time I was not married. I told my husband before marriage that I cannot give birth. But he convinced me to have a baby through infertility treatment. At that, I was not so sure. But I got married. After a few years, we decided to have a baby through IVF. We choose the clinic and then we went for the treatment. Luckily my IVF get successful and now I have my baby. I am living a very happy life just because of IVF. So this my story. Hope so everyone will try to get over infertility.

    Diana_kamie kames kamie 

    Your post is very informative. I am very glad that you have posted such stuff. This is really appreciating. I agree with you that infertility si getting common nowadays. But it is because of not following safety precautions. I think infertility can be controlled by taking safety measures. But it is good on another hand that there is infertility treatment like IVF and surrogacy which are helping infertile to have a baby. This is quite good. Let’s hope that things will get better with time.

    Jemima_John Jemima John 

    Your thread is quite informative. Infertility has really become a major issue. It has victimized many couples. There are many diseases that can lead to infertility. Despite all of them, couples are successfully getting their own babies and that’s all become possible due to such alternate methods. I really appreciate all the diligent doctors and researchers who have developed such techniques. Honestly, it made infertility much easy to overcome. Now even infertile couples are able to start their own family. And I hope it would never leave anyone infertile anymore.

    Amelia_Clementine Amelia Clementine 

    hey, marina j!!! you are right. Now a day’s infertility has become a much wide topic. We can’t cover in just 1 or 2 hours’ conversation. I just want to share my opinion about infertility. Point out major issues which cause infertility. First of all, women should take care of their periods. Irregular or menstrual periods is one of the major reason. Ovulation problems are usually caused by PCOS. PCOS is the most common cause of women. even I have seen most of the women talking about PCOS here. Now a day clinic selection has become the toughest decision. because there is a clinic in every corner of the world. No one knows whom they should trust. Just think hundred times before taking a final decision.

    Grace_Charlie Grace Charlie 

    Thanks for this informative post. Absolutely, infertility has victimized many people. But I’m grateful to such methods like surrogacy or IVF. Such latest techniques have taken the control over infertility. Now even infertile couples are able to start their own family. In the past, it was almost impossible for any couples. Such methods have made infertility easy to overcome. I have also seen many videos on youtube about the infertile couples successfully getting their own babies. I think that’s a wonderful opportunity for every infertile couple.

    Yashoda_IVF_centre Yashoda IVF centre 

    Hii everyone
    Today many couple facing the problem of infertility.The most common cause of infertility in female is irregular or lack of ovulation and in male is due to problem in testes and lack of sperm.
    Infertility can be diagnosed by carrying out certain tests like Semens Analysis, Infection Screening (HIV I and II,HBsAg,Anti HCV,VDRL), Hormonal Blood Tests (FSH,LH,AMH,Prolactin,TSH) on the couples separately.
    Infertility can be treated with medicine, surgery, artificial insemination, or assisted reproductive technology. Many times these treatments are combined. In most cases infertility is treated with drugs or surgery. Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) is the most effective multi-stage treatment option available for fertility treatment for all couples having difficulty in conception. Although ART is the most effective treatment option, it requires the involvement of specialists in various domains. The provision of ‘safety’ to the Embryos is directly translated to the quality of the embryos which in turn may result in successful pregnancy.
    The fertility treatment options available at Yashoda IVF Centre are listed below:
    • Ovarian Reserve Screening
    • Semen Analysis
    • HSG/SIS

    • Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS )
    • Endomestriosis
    • Ovulation Induction
    • Acupuncture
    • Recurrent Pregnancy Loss.
    Read more…
    • IUI (Intrauterine Insemination)
    • IVF ( Intro-Vitro Fertilization)
    • ICSI (Intra-Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection)
    • PESA / TESA
    • Laser Assisted Hatching
    • Blastocyst Culture
    • Embryo Freezing
    • Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET)
    • Embryo Donation
    Read more…
    In most of cases, our infertility treatment focuses on basic medical therapies such as medication or surgical repair of reproductive organs. At this treatment level, our patients enjoy the opportunity to achieve parenthood in as natural way as possible
    for more details

    DrShivani DrShivani 

    Infertility Treatments depends on cases. The first level infertility treatments such as IUI then IVF. Infertility is a common issue that affects both males and females in their reproductive age. Infertility has many causes that include pelvic inflammatory disease. EVA Hospital is one the best hospital for Infertility treatment in Punjab at a reasonable cost.


    Many treatments significantly improve the chances of getting pregnant. They include hormone treatments, fertility drugs and surgery. In addition, assisted reproduction uses various medical techniques to fertilise an egg.

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