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Last month, Vidya Raja described us as a one port of call to answer all questions regarding IVF, in the online version of Better India posts and we cannot thank her enough for that. Indeed we offer support in all forms—chats, discussion boards and expert blogs to clear all your doubts about IVF and any and every issue linked remotely to infertility.

Our view narrated by them

The Better India posts highlighted that what started as a closed Facebook group by Gitanjali Banerjee, our founder went on to become much bigger because Gitanjali realized that there were many complex issues tied to infertility which sometimes led to marital discord, depression among women and other psychological issues. In addition to the emotional strain, there is a constant need to answer well-wishers and that gets quite onerous most of the times. Moreover, Gitanjali discovered that though there was a lot of literature on the subject, the biggest issue was that there were no India-centric discussions and content. This void was filled with the launch of Infertility Dost.

Infertility demands a caring hand in India

Infertility is no doubt a very personal and delicate issue that no one wants to talk about but when you connect with others sharing the same pain, you know you are not alone. While some couples conceive easily, others aren’t so lucky. It is estimated that approximately 27.5 million couples are struggling with some form of infertility and are actively seeking assistance. At this juncture, Infertility Dost steps in—A Dost for women/couples fighting this tough battle and a support system that gives you a sense of belonging.

Three cheers to us and the team!





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