Infertility In Women

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    This is pandora’s box. There are so many causes and symptoms of infertility in women that often it takes years for couples to diagnose the reason.

    Tubal blockage, PCOD, cyst, egg quality, uterus shape, ovum creation, harmone imbalance, recurrent miscarriage, no fetal heartbeat are some of the common problems faced by women undergoing infertility treatments.

    Treatments are expensive, invasive and disturbing both physically and mentally. Even diagnostic tests like HSG, laparoscopy, hysterectomy are tough to handle.

    This forum is to rant, vent, find support, share notes and to seek answers or just make friends or cycle buddies 🙂

    Stay calm and stay strong.


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     Ankit Arora 

    Infertility is very common issue now a days. the various symptoms of infertility in a females are Changes in flow, Irregular periods, No periods, Painful periods, Sudden acne, Abnormal hair growth. Sudden hair loss or thinning of your hair at a rapid pace could be due to a number of different reasons. Hair loss is also one of the symptoms of infertility in a female and linked to PCOS. Women may reduce the risk of fertility issue by taking healthy diet. Improve the health of your reproductive organs by eating right.There are certain foods that are specifically believed to improve ovulation. A woman with a healthy ovulation cycle is more likely to conceive easily. Foods that increase fertility include leafy green vegetables, legumes, sweet potato, eggs, meat and fish. If you are facing the issue of fertility then you may also consult with IVF Centre in Delhi

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