Does Naturopathy Has Answers To Infertility Problems?

The success of infertility treatments lies in holistic treatments and Naturopathy Treatment helps cure the underlying symptoms. It prepares your mind and body thus assisting you to fight infertility problems with gusto. It is great to use Naturopathy alongwith Allopathy treatments to get the best results. This is an interview with naturopathy doctor who breaks a lot of myths and gives some practical tips on solving infertility problems.

Does naturopathy really has solutions to cure infertility problems?

Cure is not a word generally used as it may be misunderstood (like curing fever / infection). Naturopathy & Yoga certainly is Lifestyle program aimed at enhancing the Health and thus brings in balance in the body - mind complex. This leads to heightened functions and thus normalized physiology leading to changes positive.

This system certainly can help in improving and changing many Lifestyle conditions that are factors involved in fertility issues.

Also being a lifestyle program this system is a must even where surgical and Pharmacological measures are required to complement the program.

How can a woman boost her fertility? Please suggest some practical tips that can be easily followed.

There are many areas to be defined and focused; in general the following may be summarized:

  1. Ideal weight and height
  2. Specific pelvic floor exercises with breathing (yoga and other regular exercises)
  3. Ensure whole spine flexibility is maintained as many a time upper back rigidity leads to improper metabolism especially fat.
  4. In short, Sweating daily is a must Moderate intensity exercise only).
  5. Hip Baths / Sitz baths (normal temperature bath given locally to pelvic area for 10 to 15 minutes followed by pelvic exercises) help to enhance pelvic floor and reproductive organ functions very much.
  6. Minimize Sugar in all forms in the diet (Whole cereal organic products are fine).
  7. Reduce salt in the diet.
  8. Keep an 8 Hour food timing (Eat food within 8 Hours from first meal to last meal).
  9. Ideally wake up before sun rise and first main meal (So called breakfast) must be after one hour minimum.
  10. Once a week / fortnight fasting on fruits and dried fruits are beneficial (NO CEREAL DIET).
  11. Sun Bathing with mild joint movements helps to boost Vitamin D levels and thus many internal functions including Hormonal and Metabolic functions. Follow with a citrus fruit juice like lime / lemon.
  12. Deep sleep must be ensured between 11 pm to 4 am (to get this start bed by 10 pm latest and wake up after 5am only)
  13. Breathing exercises help to counter stress and metabolic dullness. Fast breathing exercises are useful (learn from teachers and then only practise).
  14. Minimize use of medicines like pain killers and other OTC medicines for inflammations, cold etc.

Can naturopathy treatments help in male infertility conditions especially with poor quality and low sperm count? Please elaborate the ways.

Most of the above mentioned measures are helpful in male infertility as well. In addition, smoking must be stopped (If a smoker); alcohol must be stopped at least on trial months.

Dried fruits, seeds like pumpkin and Sunflower etc must be added in the diet. Soy beans may be minimized.

Moderate to high intensity exercise is a must.

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I have heard hormonal imbalance in woman is a major cause behind infertility issues and it can be easily cured by natural ways. Is this true?

Yes, many of the present day Hormonal imbalances (PCOS, Hypothyroidism, DM etc) are more of Lifestyle disorder than organic pathology. A correct evaluation is necessary and in some cases hormone therapy as a temporary measure is also needed. But in all cases Lifestyle programming is a must and  an unavoidable element of Health care. SO every daily factor in life is to be addressed (sleep, wake up, exercise, sweating, relaxation etc).

We have a stressful life and infertility issue has added on to that stress which further reduces our chances of conception. How can I help myself out of this vicious cycle?

Stress is not a bad condition. Basic minimum stress is essential in life and to live and act in life (like Blood pressure is essential for life but High pressure is bad). With this information, we must address the need. Fundamental is to know that we cannot avoid stress (external situations). Equip oneself with better stress digestive mechanism and also adding stress relief measures are the fundamental principles to be used. Best method in day to day life is to follow SUN and TIME.


Stress is not a bad condition. Basic minimum stress is essential in life and to live and act in life


Follow SUN in waking up to sleep – wake up just before sun, warming type of activities in the morning, warming up type of breakfast, heavy lunch like hot sun, cooling / calming type of food in the evening. Activities are also to be similarly changed. After sun set, allow body and mind to set and sleep. SO minimize food (at least heavy) and physical activity.

Location change – travel out of city once a while.

Daily cleansing – ensure sweating, bowel movements are regular.

One can add a quick laxative (any natural type) as a simple stress relief measure on some days (Of course evening time while on way to sleep / or early morning).

Fast breathing techniques (muscle movements on and below navel) followed by applying warmth on abdomen also is a helpful measure.

Movements to specific areas and joints every hour is extremely useful (small joints, Shoulders, lower abdomen, pelvic floor etc).

Doctors have diagnosed poor endometrial lining as the reason behind failure of IVF. Tell me what I should do to increase the endometrial lining.

This need specific addressing based on individual. But in general pelvic exercises, Sitz bath, Castor oil packs on lower abdomen (Apply castor oil and wrap with a cotton cloth followed by water bag compress) are helpful. Additionally all general Lifestyle measures to be added / followed.

I will soon be going for my first cycle of IVF. I want to give my best. How can I prepare my body through naturopathy before going for IVF?

  1. All lifestyle measures as mentioned
  2. Sleep timing (Between 10 and 5)
  3. Daily dose of exercise especially morning taking slanting rays of sun
  4. Food timing (Main meal only in the day time)
  5. Minimize / Avoid sugar, Alcohol and smoking
  6. Weekly once salt bath (Using any salt with warm water and use for body bathing)
  7. Lots of water and citrus (diluted and no sugar) juices
  8. Once a week massages or any such muscle stress managing activity
  9. Daily breathing exercise

I have PCOD due to which my weight is also on the higher side. I must reduce weight to be able to conceive. Can naturopathy help and how? Is there any herb or instant changes to lifestyle that will help reduce weight?

  1. Wake up before sun rise
  2. Maximum calories in the day time (Mid day)
  4. Once a week NO GRAIN DIET
  5. Lots of water (3 + litres a day)
  6. Non Sugary snacks (if needed)
  7. Omega 3 (Flax seed / Organic Non veg but in day time only)
  8. EXERCISE (Every hour few movements to all joints especially upper back and lower back)

Can you explain what a fertility diet is? What all is included in it?

There is nothing called as fertility diet. It has become popular as a marketing tool. But in general following is useful:

  2. Less salt
  3. High vegetables (Fibre)
  4. High Calories in day time only
  5. Dried fruits and nuts
  6. Seeds (Flax, Pumpkin, sunflower, sesame etc)
  7. Timing of food (maintain as much as possible)
  8. Ensure regular bowel movement (this is also part of diet suggestion as it influences quality of absorption)
  9. Diluted Yoghurt

I am a patient of hypo-thyroid and this is the root cause of infertility problems in my case. Please advise.

  1. Morning waking up (1 Hour minimum before sun rise)
  2. Sun bathing with joint movements especially upper back / shoulders
  3. Protein type of breakfast (Eggs / Sprouts / Whole wheat
  4. Full lunch
  5. Mini lunch type supper
  6. Hourly joint movements (few times every hour every joint)
  7. Weekly once: NO GRAIN DIET
  8. Food must be avoided after 8 pm latest
  9. Lots of citrus fruit juices (NO SUGAR) daily
  10. Cold quick shower before exercise
  11. Acupuncture treatments


 Dr. Jayachandran Thampi has experience spanning over 12 years in the field of Natural Health, Lifestyle Management & well being. Graduated with a degree in Natural Therapeutics and Yoga from Mangalore University, Karnataka he started his career with a non-commercial traditional health care center established in 1928 by his grandfather, late Sri KK Kartha. Thereafter he moved on to work with some of the best institutions in the respective fields like Hyatt International in China, Jindal Institute in Bangalore, Vivekananda Yoga University, Traya Wellness in Goa and Parmarth Nature Care in Rishikesh.




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