Common signs and symptoms of Infertility In MEN & WOMEN

Did you know that there are some glaring symptoms and signs of infertility that you can actually rectify even before you decide to start a family? The problem with most couples is that they don’t want to deal with the bridges early on; they wait until they get there. And sometimes, if not always they may be running against time when they actually get there. Keeping this is mind, it makes sense to take a note of these early signs of infertility that throw up, consult and get an “All ok” from your doctor so that whenever you try to get pregnant, conceiving is not a problem.

Most couples try for a year at most and when they can’t get pregnant despite their efforts with unprotected sex, they panic. As already mentioned earlier, watch out and stay alert early on. Here are some of the early signs of infertility or signs of not being able to conceive:

8 Signs of Infertility That Will Keep You Away From Infertility

The key to dodge infertility is to be prepared about it. Know the signs, take preventive steps and move towards happy family completely stress-free. A lot of infertility cases are triggered by lifestyle issues.

  1. Monthly Cycle of Periods

    This is perhaps the best indicator of infertility in women early on. Anything unusual—heavy, light, irregular/ no periods at all, brown spotting prior to onset, extremely painful (not to be confused with regular cramps that are painful as well) are all symptoms that something’s fishy. Periods are connected very closely to ovulation and any irregularity or absence of ovulation only complicates your chances of getting pregnant. Even if you are not married, you must consult a gynecologist to understand and root out the problem.

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  1. Hair Loss/ Growth of Hair in Unusual Places/Acne

    All of these are glaring symptoms of PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) that you may have heard of frequently. Though hair loss or acne could be a result of auto-immune disease or thyroid malfunction, it is also accounted as one of the glaring symptoms of PCOS so don’t neglect it. Similarly, when you notice unusual facial and body hair growth, it is an indication of over-production of androgens, another clear indicator of PCOS; you must visit your doctor to start medication immediately.


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  1. Overweight/underweight

    Some women might notice that without any significant alterations in the diet or lifestyle, they are gaining weight. And for others it could be just the opposite. These could be signs of fluctuations in the thyroid level or PCOS as well and need to be attended to immediately.

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  1. Poor Gut Health or Digestive System

    Strange, but true, many doctors also specifically indicate that gut health plays an important role in fertility. If you have frequent irritable bowel syndrome, bloating and discomfort, leaky bowel syndrome, gut dysbiosis, all these could be early warning signs. Esterobolome, the gut bacterial genes plays an important role in metabolizing estrogen. If this is not brought under control, it increases estrogen in the gut which might be responsible for infertility later.

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  1. Premature Aging

    If you are in your 30s but experience signs of biological aging like sagging breasts, dryness in the vagina, hair loss, brittle nails, these could be the first warning signs of infertility. These might (not definitely) mean that the quality and quantity of  eggs is decreasing. Meet a reproductive endocrinologist and get hormones checked. There are some tests like AMH, TSH, FSH, Hbetc that you must undergo before planning a baby.

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  1. Decreased Sex Drive (in both men and women)

    Stress or depression causes decreased sex drive. There is no harm in meeting a psychologist to talk it out. While a little stress is normal and is absolutely ok, more of it can be harmful. Alternatively you can also try Naturopathy for a quick-fix on stress. Take a vacation!

    In women PCOS can reduce sexual drive and make having regular intercourse extremely painful. Among men, changes in virility could mean hormonal fluctuations too and therefore might be linked to infertility.


  1. Testicle Pain or Small, firm testicles

    Pain or swelling in the testicles could be attributed to many factors, but one of them could be infertility. Moreover, since testis houses the sperm, small or firm testicles could indicate issues that might make it difficult to impregnate. 

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  1. Problems with erection/ejaculation

    Erectile dysfunction or inability to ejaculate is linked to hormonal imbalance. Therefore it needs medical intervention early on. Azoospermia is another male infertility problem which is on the rise these days. Check for that if there are early signs of erectile dysfunction.

Understand well the cause behind infertility and half the battle won. Keep a close eye on all the pointers prepare well for the next milestone of parenthood. Infertility doesn’t happen overnight. Being conscious and proactive and actually save a lot of time and unnecessary hassles at a later stage. These signs of infertility will atleast help you think in the right direction ensuring appropriate medical attention.

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  4. Anamika_1234
    Anamika_1234 2 years ago

    Very good blog post on the early signs to look for to avoid infertility issues. One must consult a doctor at the earliest in the case of any of the above symptoms or signs.

    Unfortunately one of my friends had a run with infertility.

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