Find Out Who Is The Ultimate Infertility Savior?

Even today not being able to bear a child is equated to a sin, it’s by default assumed that it’s the woman’s fault, the karma is blamed, the kundali’s are blamed and the list goes on! Couples suffering from infertility sulk silently behind closed doors! The society is not kind on them either, the social pressure and self-pity only leads to frustration, depression and despair! Now, it is time to find out who is the ultimate infertility savior.

It becomes growingly difficult for the couple especially for women to keep their minds calm and positive.  Trust me having a stress-free mind and body is the most challenging part of this journey, especially during the 2WW wait. But how can one achieve a stress-free living anyway? Thanks to our rich heritage we have Yoga to our rescue.  The very fact that this article has drawn your attention proves that you are on the lookout for a change in your line of actions and trust me that is a good sign!

Mike Hawkins’s once said


“You don’t get results by focusing on results. You get results by focusing on the actions that produce results”


Rightly said isn’t it? So instead of focusing on the dream one should focus on the line of approach to get there, isn’t it?

Now the big question is where do we start from? Let’s start from understanding how yoga helps fertility, after all being well informed is always a smart thing to do. Here is a little something on the Whats, Whys, whens and Hows of Fertility and Yoga. If there is any infertility savior then it has to be Yoga for it keeps your body, mind and emotions in balance.

What is Yoga Anyway?

Yoga is a science. It was developed approximately 5000 years ago, long before the modern man even discovered how a human body works! Yoga is the union of one’s consciousness with that of the universe. It’s a spiritual discipline which includes balancing the mind, body and spirit by means of asanas (Yogic postures) and Pranayama (Yogic breathing). It is widely adapted all across the world for health and relaxation.

Why Should You Practice Yoga in General?

When yoga is practiced methodically it balances physical, mental and emotional health. Yoga aids in weightloss. It is an efficient stress buster and hence contributes to inner peace. It also improves immunity. Increases blood circulation, improves flexibility and posture, it betters your blood pressure, regulates hormones, increases concentration , soothes your nervous system, betters insomnia,  improves digestion,  assists  in healing and the list goes on. Practicing yoga definitely helps improve IVF success rates and treat infertility at a much deeper level. Thus, overall improving your chances of successful pregnancy.

How does Yoga help Infertility? How Yoga Becomes The Ultimate Infertility Saviour?

Yoga does a lot more than just reduce stress to help fertility. It helps increase blood flow to the pelvic region, thus helping remove any scar tissue and adhesions in the uterine cavity which otherwise is unfavorable for implantation, unblocks fallopian tubes, relaxes reproductive musculature which in turn increases blood flow which is very important for implantation and retention of pregnancy, it also strengthens the abdomen for the childbearing gestation period, thus reduces the risk of miscarriages.

The most important benefit of it all is the regulation of your endocrine glands, i.e. your hormones. More than half of all fertility related issues are caused by hormonal imbalance. PCOD, Thyroid imbalance, endometriosis, irregular menstrual cycles in Women;  Abnormal Testosterone, DHEA, Prolactin and Estrogen levels in men which lead to poor sperm quality also fall into this category.

Yoga puts your body into a blissfully relaxed mode; this in turn decreases the stress hormone (cortisol) and increases the happiness hormone Serotonin in your body. Which means your body isn’t in the fight or flight mode anymore, instead your body’s parasympathetic becomes active which is necessary for the reproductive wellness.

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When should You Practice Yoga for Fertility?

Yogasanas are best practiced in the early mornings. It is recommended to practice yoga after drinking enough water first thing in the morning; however one can practice asanas two hours after food as well.

Pranayama (Yogic breathing) on the other hand can be practiced anytime of the day, but it yields best benefits if practiced before your chaotic day starts or just before going to bed. You could also practice meditation any time during the day as long as you can get some peace and quiet to practice it.

Which Asanas and Pranayamas Boost Fertility?

Yoga nidra, meditation, Nadi Shudi Pranayama, Shithali pranayama, Bhramari pranayama, and Dirgha pranayama can be practiced and continued even during pregnancy.

Viparitha Karani, badhakonasana, Janu Shirasana, Hastapadhasana, Paschimothasana are a few asanas to improve fertility. (DO NOT practice any asanas without consulting your doctor)

There are oceans of asanas to help infertility, but it is highly recommended to consult your doctor and a yoga instructor before your design your yoga routine.  Some forms of pranayama like kapalbathi increase body heat and hence should be avoided during your 2WW and pregnancy. At no point should you hold your breath and always remember to listen to your body.

Infertility is a very challenging journey which demands optimal physical, mental and spiritual health. Yoga helps you achieve just that. Our beloved Prime Minster, Modi did not start a new era of Yoga for nothing. Make it count ladies, Yoga is our way through. A lot of ladies credit their motherhood to Yoga, let’s be one of them.

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This article is contributed by Swetha Loknath.





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