She The People Warmly Talks About Journey Of Infertility Dost

SheThe People.TV, a renowned brand that focuses on empowering women entrepreneurs, writes warmly about our Founder Gitanjali Banerjee and the journey of Infertility Dost. Written by Poorvi Gupta, Senior Correspondent journalist of She The People TV, this story talks highly of the love, patience, vision and determination put behind making of InfertilityDost.

FOR FULL ARTICLE: This Woman’s Fight Against Infertility Will Warm Your Heart

To quote an excerpt from the article published on She The People TV:

She said that the more we talk about it, the more we realize that we are not alone and get the strength to fight the stigma. “Being in a support group empowers people and clears their head too.”

Elaborating how it’s mostly the woman who has to bear the brunt of infertility, Gitanjali said:

“If a couple is not having a child, why is it that the society invariably assumes that the fault is with the woman –“Kya hua abhi tak baccha nahi hua, bahu ka test karwaya kya” – this is the most common statement – why not men?”

No one even considers it, when in reality, 60% of infertility cases are due to male infertility factors, Gitanjali pointed out.

“Society gets so cruel towards women that it becomes almost difficult for them to enjoy a party or outing without being poked at — ‘You leave your job and career only then you will be able make a baby’ — people will nonchalantly comment and it hurts badly.”

“I personally know a lot of women who were embarrassed in a room full of people who were not allowed to perform a puja, condemning them as ‘banjh’,” she added.

Men, on the other hand, take refuge in their male egos protected by their moms and sisters – “merey beta mei koi kami ho hi nahi sakti” – Even upper middle class and educated men are not ready to even go for a basic sperm test.

FOR FULL ARTICLE: This Woman’s Fight Against Infertility Will Warm Your Heart





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