10 Best Songs : When you Trying To Get Pregnant - Your Fertility Playlist

Fertility playlist? Are you crazy? At a time, when I’m struggling to get pregnant or getting hypertensive about the success of IVF, you’re joking! I’m sure this is the first thought that came to your mind when you saw the title of the post. Truth is music has healing powers and when we asked women in our community about their go-to songs when they were in the journey of fertility they happily shared. We compiled that just for you J

Hope you beat all stress & strain of fertility journey. Stay motivated and reassured. The core idea is to distract your mind when the heart feels super depressed so that you don’t end up harming your line of treatment. It can be anything – a hobby or an interest. However, for most music works like a magic wand.

Top 10 Songs For Every Phase Of Fertility Journey

Here’s the curated fertility playlist when life plays tough and you are gearing up to punch back. Details of each song and  ideal time to listen is given below.


  1. Yeh Safar Bahut hai Kathin Magar/Na udaas ho mere hamsafar (1942, A Love Story)

Genre: Slow, Motivational

When to hear: As you begin your journey towards fertility with a specialist you must remember that the road ahead may be long and arduous, but you have to keep your spirits high and keep telling yourself that all will be well in the end. Hear this song frequently for your daily dose of motivation to keep reminding yourself to cheer up.


  1. Yeh Hosla kaise Jhuke/ Yeh aarzoo kaise ruke (Dor, 2006)

      Genre: Slow, motivational

     When to hear: When everything seems going out of hand and yet there is hope. Listen to   this song to get your spirits and motivation back on track.


  1. Yuhi chala chal raahi/ kitni haseen hai yeh duniya/bhool saare jhamele/dekh foolon ke mele/ badi rangeen hai yeh duniya (Lagaan, 2001).

Genre: Medium, motivational

When to hear: The road to IVF is never smooth. It is filled with anxious moments and nervousness. But these should not discourage you to pause and doubt. March on, with full vigor, whatever may be the result. Listen to this song when you are in the IVF cycle to keep up the hope.


  1. Toota toota ek parinda eise toota/ki phir jud na paaya/ (Waisa bhi Hota Hai- II, 2003)

Genre: Medium, Motivational

When to hear: When the going seems tough especially after a failed IVF that is the best time to listen to this song to get yourself back together. You need to keep your mind strong and slowly bring yourself back to normal.


  1. Woh sikandar hi doston kehlata hai/haari baazi ko jeetna jise aata hai (Jo Jeeta Wahi Sikandar, 1992)

Genre: Fast, motivational

When to hear: You may have gone through several rounds of IUI, IVF and miscarriages—but that is not where the road ends. When you think the race is lost, that is when you have to keep your chin up for a bit longer to win it. This is the perfect song that motivates you to do just that.


  1. Ruk jaana nahi/tu kahi haar ke (Imtihaan, 1974).

Genre: Medium, motivational

When to hear: When the world taunts for not being able to conceive and the going gets tough, don’t give up. Remember, every dark cloud has a silver lining and you just have to wait for the clouds to disappear—they will!


  1. So Hard When it doesn’t come easy (Dixie Chicks)

Genre: Soft rock

When to hear: Sometimes, you feel, “why me?” That’s the time when you need to know that you’re not alone. There are others out there fighting everyday of their lives for the same reason; more people going through several rounds of IVF, more people suffering miscarriages and trying to get pregnant but not being successful. To know that you have others to share the burden, hear this song. It will calm you down immensely.

  1. I would die for that (Kelly Coffey)

Genre: Soft, pop

When to hear: When we are struggling with infertility, it seems all the married women around us are starting a family. We may smile on the outside, but it tears us apart on the inside. That’s the time for this song to calm you down and to tell you that, “no…no…you are not alone.”


  1. Putra Prapti Ashtakam (Guru Engkanto)

Genre: Devotional

When to hear: If you happen to be immensely spiritual and believe in the power of chants, then this is for you. Believed to be extremely powerful, if you feel you have exhausted all the ways to conceive and are expecting a miracle, this might be of help.



  1. Keshavaya Namaha (Bombay Jayshree)

Genre: Devotional

When to hear: When you feel restless, waiting for a result—delayed periods, IUI/ IVF result in every stage, you need to stay calm. This mantra might do you good to do just that—be meditative and stay calm.

Curated Fertility Playlist Of 10 Songs When Stuck In The Journey Of Fertility



Never underestimate the power of music. If it can enthrall, it can soothe as well. Put on your headphones and wash your infertility and IVF blues away with our specially curated fertility playlist. In case you have other songs in mind that we may have missed, do let us know in the comments below. Remember… Infertility is not the end of the road, it is a dark tunnel no doubt, but there is light at the end. Believe this and keep moving ahead.

What is your go to song? Share with us in the comment below.




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