Infertility in Pune, A Rising Problem Of B-Class Cities


Infertility in India is rising at an alarming rate and it is not a topic that is talked about in whispers anymore. More and more couples are coming out in the open about the problem. People have also come to realize that infertility is neither an urban phenomenon nor is it confined to women alone. Infertility is not limited to any section segment of population, anymore. Initially considered more of an urban lifestyle problem, sadly infertility is rising exponentially in B-class cities like Pune, Lucknow, Ambala, too. Infertility in Pune, is on the rise with patients from densely located neighboring towns also flocking for treatment.

Cloudnine Opens A New Centre To Tackle Infertility In Pune


Given the current situation, fertility centers are on the rise to cater to the needs of couple walking this extremely stressful and painful path. Among so many centers springing up, it is quite a challenge to find the right one to suit your needs. In a situation like this, Cloudnine, set up in 2007, in partnership with Matrix partners, Sequoia Capital and IVFA offers world class medical expertise along with the state of the art facilities for a holistic well-being.

From a single hospital in Bangalore, Cloudnine has expanded to 18 locations across 6 cities in India, in Chennai, Gurgaon, Mumbai and now recently in Pune. Cloudnine aims to provide clinical excellence, comprehensive care and an atmosphere of love and laughter to bridge the gap between Indian and international standards. It already has an existing facility in Shivaji Nagar in Pune, but decided to open a new branch at Kalyani Nagar to cater to the needs of couples in the neighboring areas (Koregaon Park, Viman nagar, Magarpatta, Kharadi and Hadapsar).

Pune is no longer a small city but is experiencing a rapid transformation with the increase in IT employees thronging it from all over the country. This expansion called for a quality mother and child care facility since one center alone was not sufficient. The brand new facility vouches to offer best maternity and childcare services with state-of-the-art delivery rooms and neonatal ICUs. Cloudnine is already well known for comprehensive care which includes facilities to handle infertility, new born babies and even high risk pregnancy. Having handled 36,000 births across various locations you can be assured that you and your baby are in safe hands. The staff is passionate and hospitable, the rates are not exorbitant and the ambience is homely—all these ensure that whether you come for delivery or with infertility issues, you return back healthy and happy.

Verified Credentials Of Cloudnine

Winner of the IPSA Best Woman and Child Hospital in India and named the Best Healthcare Brand in 2016 by the Economic Times, Cloudnine has performed consistently to stay at the top. It has received accolades since the time it came up and continues to strive for excellence. Not just that, feedback from patients further confirm their commitment to international standards of service and care. If you happen to be in Pune and are looking for a trusted name to solve your pregnancy and fertility issues, walk in to Cloudnine and experience the feeling of literally being on cloud nine.

Infertility in Pune can be effectively managed with access to right information and services. Don’t take infertility lying down letting it rule your life. Take charge and fight it out – at the end of the day it is simply a disease that needs to be treated. This, however; is easier said than done considering the social taboos and social perspective around it. Immense pressure is created over the couple undergoing infertility problem leading to marital discontentment which in turn hampers the treatment. Thus, no doctor or clinic can create miracles unless you are determined and focused from inside.

Disclaimer: This is a service listing news article informing our readers about the latest developments in infertility and IVF treatment care in India. Please use your discretion while choosing the right clinic.



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    Excellent work by Cloudnine

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