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    Jemima_John Jemima John 

    You are absolutely right. Infertility is so hard to overcome. I have also been suffering from infertility over the past 4 years. After my marriage I got pregnant. But unfortunately, I had an accident. And in that, I have lost my unborn baby and even the fertility. I’m so depressed and feels so alone all the time. It’s been almost 7 years I’m childless yet. Now I’m looking for some alternate ways like surrogacy or IVF. I have already heard many great reviews about it and also watched many success stories on youtube. I’m also looking for a well-reputed clinic for such services. I would like to get some suggestions for such methods. Is it safe? And what about the success chances.I hope you would guide me better

    Iris_Watson Iris Watson 

    Hey, hope you are doing well. i am glad you took this initiative. I was looking for something like this. I am an infertile for 12 years. I tried to conceive but things didn’t work out. I am planning to get infertility treatments these days. I am little confused between IVF and surrogacy. Actually my heart says surrogacy and my mind says IVF. I have been researching on both for so long. But still i couldn’t decide which one i should go for. IVF looks complicated and painful. And it has lower chances of getting successful in first attempt. And surrogacy looks so simple. Plus it has higher chances of getting successful in first attempt. But i am kinda scared of surrogates. I have seen so many surrogates who break their contract or refused to give baby to intended parents.what should i do? Its been 5 months already and couldn’t decide yet. please help me out. i need suggestions. I want to start my procedure asap but i can’t decide which process to choose. I hope you will understand my situation.

    Cameron_Cruise Cameron_Cruise 

    Hi! How are you all! Its good to read everyone comments! I am Cameron! I am new to this forum! I have been also fighting with infertility! I got married 5 years ago! I hitched by 3 miscarriages! They devastated me! I am an infertile now! My sister said to me to go for adoption! But I really want my own child! I don’t know what will happen in my life! There is no one who can suggest me a good thing! I really want a pure and honest advice! Please help me ladies! I don’t trust any doctor anymore! Thank you! Waiting for a good response!

    Annie_Rays Annie Rays 

    Hey!Annie is here! How are You doing all? hope you are doing well i am doing well. i want to know that what cause of fertility is increase? because this is very common now in the whole world.what should be do for sop this? how to appears the awareness for this. the people are very disappoint by this problem. many of the family disturb from this. i think we should find the solution of this. the surrogacy is only way to remove but no any other to remove them to get natural.there are so many reliable resources to find the solution. may you understand my thoughts. this is just for the awareness in the people. The surrogacy is blessing for the infertile couple. so please don’t worried about it. take time and get decisions. thanks to read my post hope you will think about it.

    Marina_j marina j 

    I totally concur with you in this regard. Infertility is indeed very disturbing in someone’s life. It breaks the heart. But infertility can be overcome with surrogacy. All you need is to find some good clinic for the treatment. There are many clinics around the world offering surrogacy treatment. But European clinics are prominent for their higher success rates. Their staff is very experienced in this regard. Even a clinic there is providing a guarantee for their surrogates. I must say Indian clinics should consult them too. Surrogacy is getting common in India. People are now getting more and more awareness about them. But the thing they lack is technology. They can take advantage of the consultation services of the European clinics. I hope everything will be okay in the end.

    Bronwen_Anna Bronwen Anna 

    Infertility has become the big issue of this generation. I am also dealing with this. I have become distraught for me now. In the beginning, I was taking it so light but within the time it has become a big burden on me. Whenever I see another woman with her baby, I feel jealous and insecure now. Become mother is the dream of every woman but I think its impossible for me to become a mother now. you explained everything about infertility treatment so well that all my doubt has cleared now.there are many issues of infertility. IVF is great more than bliss for infertile.i was very confuse about IVF as its very painful and lengthy procedure. But after reading your post, I have got deep information about IVF. It will help me in opting for IVF. So it will become much easy for every infertile like me to cope with this issue. Much satisfied with your information.thank you for sharing this with us.

    Marie98989 isla 98989 

    Hello dear. I have a lot of queries in my mind. Thank you such this post. I want to know about the difference between IVF and surrogacy. Also tell me, why people say that surrogacy is safe then IVF? How can we find our surrogate? And how to chose the best fertility clinic? Answer me all these questions please. I am very disturbed these days. My doctor announced me infertile. And she suggested me any alternate mean. My friend suggested my surrogacy. But she did not know much about this. I need complete details. So that it would be easier for me to decide. God bless you. Take care.

    Lucy_natsu lucy natsu 

    Infertility is a curse. Mostly females are its victim. It really damaging many people life. The best thing is that still, good treatment exists. They help women to fight infertility. IVF and surrogacy are bit expensive. But they are helping them to achieve their dreams. They are wonderfully helping many families. Cost is high. The success rate is also high. So be positive. Try them. It will be the best option for you. Wish you best of luck for that. Baby dust to you

    Iris_Watson Iris Watson 

    Hey, hope you are doing well. Well my point of view regarding infertility treatments is kinda different. I am an infertile. And it has been cursing my life so long. I went through hell almost because of it. then i thought about infertility treatments. I researched on all treatments. And i found surrogacy the most efficient among all. And it is safer and easy as well. Maybe it costs much but it is reliable other than other procedures. the chances of failures are very less. And the success rates are higher. I am planning for my surrogacy these days.Finding a right clinic for it as well. Surrogacy has changed many couples lives. I have seen so many success stories. So i am really inspired by all the success stories. I hope my procedure goes well. And things work for me this time. I am so excited and desperate.

    Clementine clementine williams 

    Hey there, how are you all? I hope you all are doing fine. Infertility is sure a sick disease. Infertility is a curse and has destroyed so many dreams. Every woman wants to enjoy the motherhood. I want to share my experience of my life. I am infertile due to an accident. It led me to lifetime infertility. But thanks to my supportive partner, told me about surrogacy. Surrogacy is a blessing for infertile couples. I had my first surrogacy from Europe. India isn’t good at surrogacy due to poor surrogate mothers. Now I have a complete family. Thanks and hoping best for everyone.

    Cameron_Cruise Cameron_Cruise 

    Hello! Hope you are doing well! Indeed barrenness medications can cost a ton. be that as it may, this is our last expectation. I for one favor surrogacy. it isn’t excruciating. it is likewise exceptionally modest when contrasted with different medications. I have been barren for as far back as 5 years. I have managed a great deal of con artists. I still haven’t lost expectation. everything is becoming alright. I figure I may have discovered the correct center for me. in any case, I am as yet looking. I am looking at the costs. they all appear to be exceptionally moderate at this point. I want to set aside. Good luck to you too!

    Anna_Gray Anna Gray 

    Hope you all are fine. Infertility is becoming really common nowadays. Nearly, every woman is becoming its victim. I was also suffering from the same condition. I was really depressed and thought that I will not be happy again. But my family supported me and gave me confidence. I had my surrogacy last year. I’m blessed with a baby and living a happy life. I belong to a middle-class family so I was not able to afford many expenses but Thank God I was offered affordable packages. Yes, sometimes it feels that our life had ended up. At the same time, we should understand that nothing is impossible if we strive hard for our desires. We should always struggle and wait for the right time. I wish and hope everyone who is suffering from infertility gets her successful treatment soon.

    #11356 Samantha Bill 

    In Vitro Fertilization and Surrogacy are the best know treatments of Infertility. But IUI is also an option in many cases. Although all these procedures are so much helpful but some of them have risk factors. The IVF procedure can have life risk for the mother if she is not able to conceive naturally. Surrogacy has a risk of payment to surrogate mother and if the surrogate mother doesn’t give back your baby, then what will you do? This is true that there are many kinds of problems in this regard. But there are many clinics and institutes working to reduce all these risk factors. They are playing a vital role in spreading happiness of parenthood. Why we always have to focus on the dark side? There are many positive effects as well. It’s true that infertility treatments are so much expensive. Govt should take action against them. Because the poor will not afford the happiness of parenthood. I wish all these problems will be solved soon.

    Mia_isabella mia isabella 

    Hi. Thanks for being there. There are a few people we find who are actually willing to help. Thanks for showing concern. I have gone through so much that I can totally understand what pain people go through. And I am as much willing to help as you are. This is a hard journey. But it needs courage. And everything will be fine. I think these procedures should be supported. And talked about more. So that it is easier for people to go for them. Than rethink their decision again and again. There are so many myths and confusions that need to be cleared. Kudos to you for this job.

    Aubrey_Jeff Aubrey Jeff 

    Hello. How are you doing? That’s completely true. Infertility treatments can be difficult sometimes. But they’re not hopeless. We have a lot of other options. There is IVF, IUI, ICSI, surrogacy and many others. If one doesn’t work, another will. There is no point in giving up. We need to be focused on what we want from life. If we want something, we’re gonna get it. We had a daughter from surrogacy. After everything else failed for us. If we had given up, we wouldn’t be happy today. Life has a lot to offer us.

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