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    Gitanjali Gitanjali 

    When you consciously try to conceive for a year and yet are not able to then doctors say you have officially entered infertility.

    Let us discuss about the initial symptoms and signs of infertility.

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    #9760 Shruti Deol 

    Most often, there are no symptoms of infertility. The following signs and symptoms of infertility do not always indicate that you are infertile. However, you may need to see a fertility specialist if you’ve been trying to conceive without success for some time and are experiencing (or have been previously diagnosed with) any of the following:

    1. Genital infection
    2. Pelvic infection
    3. Endocrine dysfunction
    4. Miscarriages
    5. Sexual dysfunction
    6. Irregular menstrual cycles
    7. Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)
    8. Uterine Fibroids
    7. Endometriosis


    One of the most important factor that has emerged recently is the level of AMH (Anti-Mullerian Hormone).

    Low level of AMH indicates low ovarian reserve and thus the chances of conception go down. This level declines as we age and more when we cross 35 however studies now indicate that due to air pollution, water not being pure & the food that we eat not being nutritious enough is causing AMH level to go down drastically.

    There is no symptom of low AMH. Also some doctors dont consider this as an important factor however going by my personal experience this is very important. The person who does your sonography should be able to relate your AMH levels with the antra follicle count during the scan. if the no of antra follicle count is low then i would suggest anyone facing this problem not to waste time and go for IUI and IVF immediately. This level doesnt go up but only declines.

    Also I have come to know that Metropolis lab is the only lab in India that has the correct lab equipments to give us the correct results for AMH. Others may or may not be accurate.

    Ankit_Arora Ankit Arora 

    The symptoms and sign of infertility in men and women are different. Symptoms of infertility in men are mentioned below.
    1.A decrease in sex drive is when a man finds that he is not inclined towards sex. He no longer feels the desire to have sex.
    2.Any kind of pain in the testicle area. If you notice a lump or some swelling
    3.Gynecomastia: breast growth in males
    4.Decrease in body and facial hair is due to a hormonal abnormality.

    If we talk about the symptoms of infertility in women then these are Irregular periods, No periods, Painful periods, Abnormal hair growth etc

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    There are some common infertility symptoms in both female and male.
    Female Infertility - Endometriosis, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome(PCOS), irregular periods, menopause.
    Male Infertility - Low sperm count, zero sperm count, ejaculation problem etc

    Kate_alan kate alan 

    Hey, Shruti deal.Thank you for providing information related to infertility. As I have been dealing with infertility too.infertility is mostly depends on women age. Behind infertility, there are too many reasons that affect fertility like Cervical which is abnormalities of the mucus-sperm interaction, Uterine, Ovarian alternation in the frequency and duration of the menstrual cycle and many other tubal and peritoneal. So we can’t come to know about the exact symptoms behind infertility. But for this, there are many treatments to deal with infertility. Surrogacy and IVF are well-known treatment. Someone has suggested me to go for IVF but have not yet decided about it. It’s very difficult to cope with this issue.

    Amelia_Clementine Amelia Clementine 

    hey, Gitanjali. It’s good to see you again over here. I always admire your efforts for being using normal ontologies with us. You have chosen a topic of initial symptoms of infertility. I don’t know much about it. but few symptoms are listed as: the first one is irregular periods. Normal women cycle if of 28 days long.
    Painful and heavy periods. These periods come with lots of cramps in legs or below of your belly.
    No periods at all. This is due to hormone fluctuation. When hormones get disturbed then this severe condition occurs. Heavy pain during sex is the major reason. These are the symptoms that I know overall.

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