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     marina j 

    Hey everyone, I’m too much worried about my infertility. It’s now getting more and more frustrating for me. I got married three years ago. Everything was happening great in her my life. I got pregnant very soon. But soon, everything got changed for me. I was in my 5th month when I meet a fatal accident. Unfortunately, I miscarried the child. The doctor removed my womb too because it was all about life and death at that time. The miscarriage was devastating for me. But after hearing the news of my infertility, it was life taking for me. Well, I’m TTC for such a long time now. I have almost tried every way of having a child but nothing worked for me. My friend told me about the surrogacy treatment recently. There are many clinics in India providing surrogacy. But I’m not satisfied with them. I don’t want to take the risk anymore. Well, I have read so much about Europe clinics. Even one of them is providing a guarantee for the success. So I want your kind opinion. Kindly guide me which clinic would be suitable for me in this regard?

     kate alan 

    Hi, I felt sad to know about your situation. I had gone through the same issue. I have lost 2 children. But I waited for 3 years. After 3 years I went to Europe for IVF. I heard many success stories of IVF in Europe. As my good luck, it worked for me. Now I have cute baby boy.there are many popular clinics over there and provide the guaranteed result. I suggest to go there and must try for once. May it will be good for you. Now recently one of my colleagues went there yeah she got a positive result. I suggest you too. Please let try it for once. I hope it will be good for you. Because clinics over there are enjoying a good reputation. Infertility is a big issue so you don’t need to waste your time. Somehow please go there and get experience. Wish you good luck.

     Iris Watson 

    Hey, hope you are doing well. I am so sorry to hear about you. You must be anxious and worried. Let me tell you about a clinic in ukraine. Its biotexcom clinic. Its is the best clinic i swear. I am undergoing my surrogacy here. and this clinic is the best. It has the higher success rate. It has the best and most humble staff. The procedures are so reliable and reasonable. The doctors are so experienced and professional yet so humble and kind. And the best thing about the clinic is they hire surrogates and egg donors on their own. You must visit the clinic. It is the best clinic i have ever visited. You should visit the clinic for sure. I am sure you will never regret visiting them. You can email them to get details even. they reply within few hours. Plus they treat their client so humbly.

     Sneha Lims 

    Hi Marina J I hope you are fine and doing good. Sorry to know about your infertility. You are not the only one in this boat. There are so many women out there in this boat with you. Infertility is not doubted very difficult phase of women life. It is very hard to bear. According to the survey, one out of every sixth woman faces infertility. This is the very much worrying situation for us. I have seen so many people giving up in these hard times which really made me sad. Science has provided us with the solution of infertility in the shape of IVF and surrogacy. Surrogacy is like the last hope for the infertile couple. In this process, a third woman, a surrogate mother, gives birth to the child to intended parents. This is so amazing. I will request ladies to please don’t lose hope. Be brave and go for these treatments.

     isla 98989 

    Hi dear. I am sorry for your loss. I know it is a very painful situation for you. I can feel your pain. Because I am also the infertile lady. But you should be strong to face this situation. You must try the alternate procedure. Because that is the only hope you. You should not give up like this. I will suggest to you any clinic in Eastern Europe. They have the best procedures. I am also confused between IVF and surrogacy. That’s why I can suggest you this. But I can suggest you the best place. They are reasonable as well. Many infertile couples completed their families from there. Best of luck. Be strong. Take care.

     Alexis Bauer 

    hi i hope you are doing well. this is such a sad story. i guarantee you that if you dont lose hope, you will be rewarded. My neighbour had to go through so much. she was infertile. then she got scammed so many times by clinics. she was rejected by so many adoption agencies. it was very hard for her. then she researched and found an amazing clinic. she got surrogacy and now she is a happy mother. You shouldnt lose hope. I was diagnosed as infertile too. But now ive started my treatment. I have been receiving positive news. I urge you to research and invest in good clinics. I hope that everything works out for you.

     Jemima John 

    Ohh! you really spent a tough time. Miscarriage is so hard to overcome. Seriously, the grief is unforgettable. But never lose hope. Such ups and downs are the part of life. Now certain alternate ways have developed like surrogacy or IVF. I think that’s a great step to get rid of it. I think you should go for it. But be careful while choosing the clinic. Always choose the well-reputed clinic for yourself. Even in abroad, there are certain clinics that are specialized for such treatments. Even I had my surrogacy abroad. It was the best experience ever. Their facilities are so good and have experienced and skilled doctors. I hope you will be satisfied with them.

     sondra whike 

    My dear, going through the wall I just read your story. It is really very heartbreaking. I am really feeling very sorry for you. My dear, don’t lose hope and stay positive. A miracle happens every day. Soon you are going to have your own babies. One of my friends had a baby through surrogacy. And also the success chances of surrogacy are far higher than success chances of IVF. So I think it will be the right choice for you. Hope so you will consider my words.

     Grace Charlie 

    Hey Marina! You have really been through a tough time. The grief of miscarriage is unforgettable. You are such a strong girl. But I think surrogacy is a great step to get rid of this infertility. A lot of infertile couples are getting so much help from such charismatic methods. Then why don’t you? I think that’s a great option to avail of it. But be careful while choosing the clinic. I would recommend you to go abroad. Such methods are complicated and I do not want you to put it in some unskilled hands. Always choose the well-reputed clinic. Also, consult with such forums for the approval. I hope you would be guided by a better opinion.

     Tina Walker 

    Hi Marina. How are you doing? Hope so you are doing fine. Well, my dear, I am really feeling very sorry for what you are going through. It is the very difficult thing for you to get rid off. Infertility nowadays has become a depression for women. But my dear, it will get worse if you do not think about it calmly. Dear, don’t lose hope and stay strong. Things will be in your favour soon. Your decision about going for surrogacy is very good. I think you should go for it. Wish you the best of luck.

     lucy natsu 

    Dear, I felt really bad for you. I have also read many reviews about such clinics. They are dealing with people in the worst way. It really doesn’t mean that only such bad clinics exist. There are many good clinics that also exist. They are helping for the sake of humanity. They will understand your problems and they will give you the best treatment for that. All your doubts will be cleared once you visit them. They are the best in their field. I have read many good reviews about this clinic. People shared their success stores with them. Remember difficulties in your journey makes your destination beautiful. Don’t hesitate and go for it. It will be the best option for you. Baby dust to you

     amelia brown 

    Hey Marina, hope you are doing well. I am Amelia from Ireland. I am so sorry to hear about your loss. I can understand that it is not easy to loose a child. I can relate to your situation. I got pregnant twice. But I had to abort my child. Because it was an ectpoic pregnancy. It was a a very tough time for me to bear that loss. I can understand what you are going through. Well I guess the only option for you is surrogacy. Surrogacy is a wonder treatment. It has worked for many. I have no idea about clinics. I wish that you find a worthy clinic soon.

     Jennifer green 

    Hi Marina J, hope you are doing good. Your post made me so emotional. I am literally in tears. It must have been so difficult to face this harsh reality. I have no words to console you. I can feel your pain. Being an infertile I know what a child means. I am also looking forward to find a good and reliable clinic. As I had tried IVF twice. But it failed both times. I am also considering surrogacy now. As soon as I ll find one. I ll definitely share with you. Please take good care of your self. Good luck to you. I hope you find your happiness soon.

     katherine milakovic 

    Hope you are doing good. I came to tears just by reading your post. It must have been difficult few years for you. I do not know how to console you. I understand your pain. As an infertile I know how important a child is. I too am looking to find a good and reliable clinic. As I had tried IVF twice. But both times i was unlucky. Now i have finally decided to go for surrogacy. I ll definitely share with you the clinic and details of them as soon as i find one. I wish and will pray for your good luck and happiness. I hope you find your happiness soon.

     Samantha Bill 

    Hey Marina J, Hope you are doing good. Your story made me so much emotional. I don’t know how to help you. The only thing I can do is pray. I pray for you. Only the person who is facing such conditions can feel that pain. I also have faced these circumstances. It was a very bad time. But my husband and mother supported me. I advise you keep struggling and don’t lose hope. Infertility is not a big issue in India anymore. There are many clinics which are offering many procedures like IVF and Surrogacy. You must consult any well-known clinic for this. Sending you best wishes and prayers. Stay happy dear.

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