Does IVF Significantly Increase the Chances of Twins or Triplets?

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    Does IVF Significantly Increase the Chances of Twins or Triplets? What are the predictors of success in IVF?

     Jyoti Sharma 

    Because of the uncertainties involved, several embryos are often implanted at once. This can lead to twins or triplets, which increases the potential health risks and risk of miscarriage.


    With IVF, you and your doctor determine how many embryos will be transferred into your uterus. If you choose to have a single embryo transferred, then it would be impossible for you to have twins or triplets. However, there is no guarantee your embryo will successfully implant into the uterine lining the first time around. This is why many women, especially those who are unable to afford two or more cycles, often opt to have more than one embryo transferred.

     Aanya A 

    Yes to some extent, for usually two embryos are placed in the uterus during embryo transfer . For women above 37 years, it might be decided to transfer 3 embryos. This is to improve the chances of pregnancy. Recently there is an upcoming trend of single embryo transfer which would definitely reduce the chances of multiple pregnancies.

     Ruchita Shinde 

    The short answer to this question is no. The process of IVF, in and of itself, does not necessarily lead to a substantially higher risk of multiple pregnancy. In practice, the answer is slightly more nuanced. Statistically, women who undergo IVF have multiple pregnancies (twins, triplets, or higher-order multiples) at a higher rate than women who conceived naturally.

     Holly Rose 

    I had twins with ivf. I think it does increase the chances of having twins.

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     Ritika Jain 

    No. This is not at all true. IVF process doesn’t lead to multiple pregnancies; it is something different than this. For any queries visit your nearest IVF specialist but please don’t analyze things without knowing completely about it.

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     Ankit Arora 

    Multiple pregnancies may be happen when more than one embryo is transferred during an IVF procedure and all or most of them implant. Usually doctors do not recommend transferring a larger number of embryos to avoid multiple pregnancies because I always affect the health of mother and child. Ideally you should not transfer more than 3 embryos.


    It can possible Chances of Twins or Triplets by ivf treatment.


    It can be possible Chances of Twins or Triplets via ivf treatment

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