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Think or talk of Switzerland, and images of scenic landscapes, greenery, the beautiful Alps, panoramic ambiance, Swiss watches and chocolates, and romantic indulgences innately come up. However, there is another side of Switzerland which offers high-end medical facilities within patient-centric treatment environment focused on delivering success results. Yes, the medical facilities of Switzerland is a benchmark standard for female health and fertility treatments. You didn’t know about it, right? This article gives you an overview of medical facilities provided by Geneva Women Care (GWC) and how it is beneficial for Indians for whom high treatment standards and discretion are essential to choose a medico-service.

Founded and overseen by Kristina Bagamery, Ph.D. in Medical Sciences, partnering with an interdisciplinary team of doctors certified by the Swiss Medical Board, quality service and transparency is guaranteed.

The Geneva Women Care Center

Patient Lounge

The family-sized center in Geneva offers a wide range of services for women of all ages, including, annual check-ups, screenings for diagnosis and treatment of cancer, fertility tests, pre and post-menopausal care, non-invasive genetic prenatal testing, breast care and more. You can rely on their services for a holistic treatment of all issues related to women and their reproductive system.

The center boasts of high quality and personalized service which extends beyond the hospital to include private medical concierge and VIP tourist guide. Their team of doctors is expert in their respective field and focus on your health whether you are here for fertility treatment or for a gynecological issue.

The Team At Geneva Women Care

Dr. Sandor Viski specializes in Obstetrics and Gynecology and has special interest in obstetrics, including multiple gestation pregnancies with a special passion for fetal genetic and morphological ultrasound (3D/4D). He has done postgraduate fellowships in renowned academic centers all over the world and is well versed in screening and surgical treatment of gynecologic cancers. He uses techniques that aid minimal invasion and focuses on rapid recovery and return to regular routine in a timely manner. He also offers personalized treatment options.

Dr. Pascal Mock is a pioneer in the field of embryo implantation and is trained in laparoscopy for fertility screening, and endometriosis. He is also an expert in oocyte retrieval for vitrification that aids fertility preservation. He is Swiss Medical Board certified specialist in reproductive medicine and has authored several high impact factor peer-reviewed scientific publications on infertility and embryo implantation. Besides, Dr. Pascal Mock is one of the founders of a Swiss biotech company that aims at developing his invention, an in vivo culture system for assisted reproduction. His efforts in In-vitro fertilization method saw the birth of the first baby in Geneva which made him and his method known in Europe.

As you can see from the records of both doctors on board, you can rest assured of treatment and care under the best medical expertise in Geneva. And because all the facilities are offered under one roof, you need not worry about shunting between clinics for any procedure. The doctors start with a diagnosis and then discuss the treatment and procedures that will be followed. The approach is warm and humanly and is done in absolute discretion where not just the body but the needs of the soul are catered too.

Premium Services

  • Care For Family - The center caters to the needs of family and those accompanying the patients too—that’s what makes it special and stand out: a VIP tourist guide to assist your family with local transportation, restaurant reservations, city tours, spa services (if required) and any other specialized services that they may ask for.
  • Medical Concierge - They provide medical concierge services to organize your medical journey in Geneva. You are allotted a private concierge partner, who doubles as your privileged partner, organizing your medical appointments tailoring them to your needs from the start till you leave.
  • Personalized Quote - Based on your treatment requirement you are provided with a personalized cost quote to help you assess the expenditure.

What’s In It For You?

As Indians, we have always looked up to Europe in terms of par’ excellence quality. And, when it comes to health, especially infertility treatments, choosing the right doctor and service can be crucial to the success of treatment.

Personalized care – From the day you decide to get treatment from Geneva Women Care, personalized and exclusive care is given.  No running around or feeling of harassment. You are made comfortable and cared for in a global and natural manner.

Hygiene – Hygiene is taken very seriously at their centre.

Transparent counseling- No beating around the bush! The team at Geneva Women Care will discuss about your case, the treatment process and other details with utmost honesty and clarity.

Accessible - Any doubts, at any point of journey and the team will be accessible to answer them. They are accessible and easy to connect with.

Treatment with state-of-the-art facilities – They have a state-of-the art private clinic partner for invasive and surgical procedures. High-end healthcare is guaranteed thereby increasing the success rates.

Patient-centric – It is YOU who is important for them. This patient-centric attitude and environment is essential to calm your nerves and reassure that everything will be fine. A much needed approach to IVF success.

The information here is just the tip of the iceberg. To know in-depth information about their facilities, services treatment details, cost etc do connect with InfertilityDost for a counseling session and check out the their  website for detailed information.

Medical tourism is a great way for infertility patients to leave the societal pressures and stresses emanating from over-bearing relationships around. You have a choice to go ahead with treatment amidst Swiss hospitality. For, a lot of IVF success depends on your state of mind. Ensure that you are at prime of it.

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