The Orange Flower Award For Excellence in Wellness Writing By Women’s Web

Women’s Web awarded our Founder, Gitanjali Banerjee the Orange Flower Award and recognition for the amazing work she is doing through InfertilityDost

A unique initiative that is determined to stop the social stigma around infertility snd handhold the couples during their journey to fertility ensuring that they endure pain with dignity.

Gitanjali says,

“This recognition helps me reach out to more women who suffer in silence. Let us spread right information, good health and lots of smiles around in 2017.”

Orange Flower Awards are given for excellence in digital inspiration and winners were chosen from 400+ nominations received in various categories. This is an award to recognize women writers and thought leaders.

Overwhelming appreciation and love of well-wishers poured in. All this goes a long way in motivating us to continue with this social impact venture. Needless to say, talking and working on a taboo subject of infertility. counselling woman to regain their lost self, helping couples cope with the pain of infertility is no easy task. The subject is so personal, the loss is so dear, the pain is so real that one can’t easily fathom what a couple undergoes during these desperate years. However, the best thing is that it is just a phase of life and InfertiltyDost is there to hand-hold during the confusing and challenging period of life.

A big cheers to all the women connected with us and all those who have lovingly extended their support in helping us grow.





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