Dear Society, I Am Breaking Up With You

A few lines from a young, carefree girl who has diligently followed all the rules of the society in a hope to get a child. She has also tried IVF Fertility treatment and all other means to experience the motherhood. But still at the end, she is alone and yes, without a kid. Now the table has turned, she is no longer a victim but the master of her life.



       Dear Society, am breaking up with you,

It’s not me, but you who deceits me,

Dear Society,

I am breaking up with you

I abide by all your rules,

I did everything to please you, but still, you left me alone.

Dear Society,

I am breaking up with you

Now, you no longer own my body,

You no longer own my thoughts

But yes, you owe me a child

Dear Society, am breaking up with you

I am not going to smile at you,

This time, it’s going to be war

The thin, pretty girl you trained,

Followed your rules

But not anymore,

Dear Society,

I am breaking up with you

I hope you had fun

But I am sure; I won’t miss you!

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