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    Anyone has experience with Dr. Hetal Parekh at Hiranandani hospital in powai. We have failed multiple times with her in IUI/IVF cycles and are getting an impression that hospital is a money minting machine. Any feedback please.

    Shvats shveta suri 

    Hello Hetal,
    I underwent treatments with Dr Pai of Lilavti, in Fortis Gurgaon though, and had the same impression.
    I suggest you should listen to your heart- if you dont feel comfortable with their practice, change and find a suitable one as the calmness of mind is very imp during a couples journey with the hospital.
    We changed and got lucky elsewhere.
    Lots of wishes.


    I think that i agree with you Shveta. We always had ray of hope that being a lady doctor she would understand the trouble of a woman through this cycle. But, we are now convinced that we have been cheated over 6-7 lacs+ at this hospital and the only way forward is to stay calm. i wish they could imbibe some ethics in the doctors at Hiranandani.

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