Breaking News:  Main Reason Causing PCOD in Indian Women Revealed By A Mumbai College Principal  


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Swati Deshpande, a college principal in Mumbai finds out the main reason causing PCOD in Indian women which no doctor has been able to figure out yet (pun intended). Extremely lame, irrational and baseless – this absurd argument will first surprise you, then crack you up in splits followed by a ‘Yuck’ feeling and anger.

As humans, we often try to pin blame on others if something is not going right. Sometimes, it might make sense but at other times, it sounds utterly ridiculous. For instance, when rape is discussed as a problem and people think of ways to curtail it, most people often blame the victim—her attitude and dressing, why she had to stay outdoors beyond a certain time and so on. The poor girl who’s already suffering finds no solace from people who never blame the predator.

Dress In Salwar Kameez To Prevent PCOD

The same is the case with the theory that Swati Deshpande, Principal in a Polytechnic College in Mumbai seems to be professing. When you hear it, your immediate reaction is to brush it aside as ridiculous. But then, when you think carefully, you realize how absurd it is and get outraged. According to her, when women dress up like men, they start thinking and behaving like them too. And hence, those women are more likely to suffer from symptoms of PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome).

To quote exact words of The Swati Despande:


“I have heard theories on why girls suffer from PCOD (Poly Cystic Ovarian Disease) at an early age. When they dress like men, they start thinking or behaving like them. There is a gender role reversal in their head. Due to this, the natural urge to reproduce diminishes right from a young age and therefore they suffer from problems like PCODs.”


Therefore to prevent PCOD in Indian women, she has come up with a grand idea to introduce salwar kameez as uniform for girls so that they will be left with no choice when it comes to clothes. Not just that women in her college are supposed to tie plaits to complete their feminine look. And if you thought this was absurd, then wait till you hear this: the college canteen has been divided to make it separate for men and women students so that sexual harassment can be prevented. Read more about this in the article here.

Reaction From Twitter #DressLikeAnIndianWoman

Thank God for Twitter otherwise how would we vent our emotions out on this deplorable and ludicrous comment. Soon, after these irrational thoughts and actions of Swati Deshpande were exposed, hashtag campaign #DressLikeAnIndianWoman went viral on Twitter.

Women shared their pictures and emphasized on “wear what you want” to show their reaction towards such stereotypes and distasteful behavior.

Well…educational institutions are supposed to impart genuine knowledge and help us discriminate between what is right and wrong. And teachers play a major role in shaping our thoughts. If a teacher thinks and expounds absurd theories to a genuine problem that women suffer from, then such teachers are definitely not fit to head an educational institution.

What PCOD Really Is?

PCOS is a serious problem and affects 18 percent of women in India. It is primarily caused by hormonal imbalance which has nothing to do with the way we think, dress or act. The only way it can be controlled is by treatment and by keeping stress at bay and changing sedentary lifestyle, exercise and healthy eating habits. Dressing up like a woman has no connection whatsoever to the hormonal balance within our body. Let’s take care of ourselves and keep away from such people who are likely to get us all worked up. Who knows the stress from that might bring in new ailments J

How Long Will Women Continue To Be Told What To Wear?

Whether it is rape, eve-teasing, acid attack, PCOD or infertility – women are always made to believe that the root cause of the problem is their dress. A woman had a miscarriage and she was told that high heels might have caused it by her ‘oh-so-caring-relative’. This judgmental and irrational behavior emanates from stereotype mindset that wants a scape goat for all the troubles and who better than the weaker sex.


Now, it is upto us to listen to all this bullshit and get into depression or to standup and say “No, No more of your Bakwas”.


Your views and opinion on this is most welcome in the comment below. Let’s talk about it openly and raise a voice about this stereotype mindset.