IVF Failed

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    Hailey_Blake Hailey Blake 

    Disappointments are a part of life. They can come at any time. But that does not mean to give up. One should have the courage to stay positive. During this process, one can hear a lot from his friends. But that is the job of the world. Our mind should not take this thing seriously. We should accept this as a challenge. For that, one must have those guts. For strong guts, you should be mentally strong. Same is the case in IVF. For a successful IVF, a person must be mentally strong. But this is the problem that defeats us in the end. The one who can master his instincts can do anything. But positivity should not be forgotten also.

    Bella_k bella k 

    Dear, that’s really sad to hear about you. Really I have seen many cases in IVF failure. IVF is a very good treatment but its success rate is low. That’s why in most of the cases it got failed. Don’t worry. It really doesn’t mean there are not any other good treatments. There is a good treatment like surrogacy. It’s one of the best treatment for infertility. Its success rate is very high. You should try it. Trust me it will be suitable in your case. Its success rate is very higher. Many clinics are working on it to make it successful. Wish you good luck with that. Baby dust to you

    Marina_j marina j 

    Sad to know about your bad experience. Infertility is difficult to go through. It takes a lot of courage and faith. Infertility is the most difficult phase in someone’s life. Life is hard for a lady but society makes it harder. But infertility is not a big issue now. You can overcome your infertility now. There are many working treatments for it. Surrogacy and IVF are prominent among them. IVF is good but there’s not any success guarantee. At some places, surrogacy is suitable and at some places IVF is good. It’s always better to consult your doctor before taking any decision. Surrogacy is the most common practice in developing countries. Even a clinic is providing a guarantee for their surrogate. You can give them a try. Sending baby dust to you!

    Mia smith chloe charles 

    Hello Mahie, how are you doing? I Hope all is well at your side we obviously get panic too easily. I’m so sorry that you have to face this difficulty. We get so tensed when it comes towards our future. We don’t wait. we hurry to get the issue done as soon as possible, That is not the correct way to deal with infertility. We shouldn’t do that. We must wait until the right time. But never lose hope And try our best to make our dreams come true. All we have to do is focus on the main issue and get it done properly. Take a gap of some good years. And then TTC, I hope you get through this situation soon love and prayers.

    Iza_Bellee Iza Bellee 

    Hello dear, it’s very sad to hear all about your story. You are not the only one suffering from this issue. Be relax, don’t make yourself panic. If you will behave in such a manner. You will be more stressed. And you know stress is not better for you. The more soon you will accept things better for you. And being a normal person you can achieve much. Focus on your diet also. Don’t ignore it. Please take proper care of yourself. Make your body strong internally. You should be healthy to have a healthy baby. Focus on your flaws first. then go to the doctor for the rest things. Better luck next time.

    Iza_Bellee Iza Bellee 

    As we heard from our ancestor’s infertility has no treatment. It seems to be wrong nowadays. As there are much issues of infertility than before. But still, pregnancy is possible. And its all of science. Science has made this treatment possible. We can have our own babies. females can fell babies in their own wombs. Its all is possible just because of IVF and Surrogacy treatments. These treatments are not harmful to us. They help to make our dreams possible. We don’t need to worry about infertility issues. Because they are curable now. It is not an ancient living that we can’t get pregnant. Ladies always hope for best.

    Iza_Bellee Iza Bellee 

    Its a very informative forum. You all shared your experiences. I learned a lot. My friend is suffering from infertility. As she married late 33 years ago. Her husband is quite young about 28 years. They both have very strong bounding. But unfortunately, they have to face infertility. I was really worried about her a lot. I will suggest her to join this forum. Maybe you all could guide her. She needs very much information. As doctors are confusing her so much. We don’t know, how to start. Where to go. Thanks for your help.

    Amenda_Alexander Amenda Alexander 

    hi, hope you are fine.i can understand your feelings.its very painful when you try to conceive but not successful. I know infertility is a big issue that can turn the joys into sorrows. you should be positive.hope is nearby success.life is full of hardships so please don’t give up. fight bravely with this situation.you can win all the things by just standing with patience.infertility can be solved by advance treatments. please get aware of these treatments.you should try to find a good clinic.you can also concern with foreign clinics.its an important thing .so doesn’t waste your time. wish you all the best.

    Iza_Bellee Iza Bellee 

    Its a very sad news. You are suffering from infertility. You are not alone. many people suffer from it. You should take care of you. Take good diet. Take medicine on time. Proper checkup with your doctor. Visit him regularly. Don’t get disappointed. It’s normal. You are lucky to have a caring family. They are your strength. Make yourself strong. Don’t cry. It’s just a little hard time. time changes in everyone’s life.

    Happy_mom Happy mom 

    Look Mahi, I am not sure why you are being so depressed. If you have a life partner then you are both into this together. I’m sure I’m you’re now desperate to have children. Ivf is a very expensive treatment. I can’t say how you guys have been able to afford to go through it thrice. It also depends on the expertise of the doctors. Also that, your own health condition might not be suited for FET. You should take some time to invest in your health. As Ivf is used to artificially induce your hormones to cause pregnancy. Hormonal imbalance can cause multiple health issues. Do you also suffer from obesity or any other condition? You should also discuss with a foreign practitioner. Share your diagnosis with them. It’s nothing that should cause you to be this depressed. As your first commitment is to your spouse. Won’t they feel hurt seeing you like this?

    Amelia_daisy Amelia daisy 

    “Hi dear. I hope you are doing fine. I am happy that you are taking IVF. You have made a very right decision. IVF is the most successful treatment. I also felt bad that you have faced infertility. I feel really bad when I listen about someone’s infertility. I can understand it because I have gone through it.
    The good news is that IVF is no impossible to cure. It is a blessed mani infertile couples with the happiness of the child. It is the most successful treatment for infertility. I have seen many infertile couples who have been blessed through IVF. It is a blessing of science. I friend of mine also took IVF. She is enjoying a happy parental life now. May God also bless you with success. I wish you all the luck. Goodbye dear.”

    Elizibat_James Elizibat James 


    Mia_isabella mia isabella 

    Hey. How are you? Hope you are doing fine. Infertility is a hard thing. I can totally relate. I have been through this phase. And it totally breaks you. You become frustrated with your own situation. And there is so much pressure because of the family. Even if they don’t say anything, their disappointment is evident. But I think medicine has done us a favor by discovering the alternatives. They are our only chance. I prefer surrogacy over IVF. But I think if you have luck, you get it. You just need not lose hope. And keep trying. Cheer up. Good luck.

    Jannifer_kate jannifer kate 

    Infertility is no doubt a curse. But you should stay brave and positive to get rid of this. It is not your fault so don’t be depressed. It is natural. Not being able to conceive is not in someone’s hand. It can be in men too. I can feel for you. You are lucky that your DH is with you. There are many ladies who are dealing alone with infertility. All you need to do is first take care of your health. Secondly you must find the good clinic for t’s treatment. The world is very well renowned for its treatments. Science is very advanced. Thre area many good fertility clinic present. My friend has a baby through fertility treatment. She was able t conceive naturally. I hope you’ll have the best end. Good luck.

    Elizibat_James Elizibat James 

    Infertility is the worst experience. I can understand your situation. But you have to be strong. You have to do fight against infertility. I know you had tried. But you were not successful. No doubt, IVF is the best fertility treatment. But it has less rate of success. I suggest you go with surrogacy. I will be suitable for you. Surrogacy is the last hope of every infertile couple. I also had a baby from surrogacy. Most of the people think its too expensive. But it’s not true. Some fertility clinic also provides this treatment at low cost. You should have to think about this. Anyways Good luck. I wish you will be reached at your destination soon.

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