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    Mahie Mahie Raghu Sahay 

    I have been undergoing infertility treatment for past 3 years now. My IVF failed. I feel so depressed. I don’t see any reason for living. My husband and my family is not saying anything but they are very sad. I can’t even give them a child. I feel devastated. what should I do. pls help


    Dear Mahie,
    I am sorry you have been trying a long time to conceive and had a failed IVF. it can be very hard and the pressures are great. It is not necessary to feel alone or feel that all is lost.
    I wish you the very best.

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    Dear Mahie,

    I suggest you not to get depressed due to your failed treatment of ivf for the last 3 years.

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    Ankit_Arora Ankit Arora 

    Many times IVF patients face implantation failure just because of their negligence. Most of the time IVF failure is due to couples wanting to save money and getting their treatment done from small ill equipped clinics with a lack of proper facilities.There are many reputed IVF Centre in Gurgaon with state of the art facilities. They may charge a little more for the IVF treatment but they have a high success rate and secondary reason is many patients do not take the necessary precautions after the IVF procedure has been performed.

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    HariSrinivasan Hari Srinivasan 

    Dear Mahie Raghu,
    I understand your situation, it is not easy for you or your husband. The wife usually finds it more difficult to cope with an IVF failure. But please remember, there are always options. Was this IVF cycle done with your eggs or donor eggs? Why was IVF recommended to you? How many embryos did you get finally, and what quality? Give a little more info please.
    I have a friend who underwent 4 cycles of IUI with her husband’s sperms, 2 cycles of IUI with donor sperms, 1 cycle of IVF with her eggs and husband sperms, 1 cycle with donor eggs and husband sperms. All of them gave negative result. Then the couple underwent a cycle with wife’s eggs and donor sperms and it clicked. She went through all of this at the same centre (a reputed one in Bangalore). I asked her why she did not change over to a different center. She told me an amazing answer – “when digging a well, if the digger goes 30 feet deep, does not find water and moves to another location and starts digging again, it makes no sense. Similarly, working with the same doctor and team (with whom I am comfortable) makes more sense because they know me and my case. Every failure is a lesson on what could be wrong and an improvement can be done in the next attempt.”
    She eventually had twins – 2 boys and is very happy now.
    Sometimes, life tests us. We have to really give it everything that we have to achieve something. Remember this !!! Don’t give up. There are always options. Talk to the right people and find the right doctor for your journey towards becoming a mother.
    Wishing you all the very best and abundance of joy and happiness !!!

    Sumitasofat123@gmail.com sumitasofat123@gmail.com 

    Social media is a source of all information both vivid and the rest may only worsen your feelings. Regarding infertility, one of the fertility specialists in India emphasizes the following for those who are uncertain about their fertility.

    Talk to a fertility expert
    Many women have suffered from PIDs, infections, abortions, and fatal illnesses that may pose as a hindrance for future conception. This can inflict inner pain and you will automatically live a sorrowful life, so it’s best that you consult a gyne in an IVF Centre in India for physical examination, tests and ultrasounds if necessary.

    Our meals are a crucial source of complex carbs, minerals, and nutrients for a woman’s fertility. Maintain better meals filled with proteins, unsaturated fats, and multivitamins to boost your fertility.

    Exercising and maintaining that body weight
    Physical exercises are generally recommended for a healthy body, but have a high positive impact on your fertility. Running, swimming, yoga, and walking will help you maintain a good body weight while improving your fertility.

    Take some rest from work and avoid stress as much as possible. Maintain a good sleep pattern to provide the body with sufficient time to regenerate the cells and the brain.

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    Pallavik83@gmail.com pallavik83@gmail.com 

    I have suffered 3 failed attempts of ivf.in the very first cycle we had 5 embryos one fresh was transferred and it failed to implant. I was tested for endometrium receptivity test and i was found post receptive during the time when 1st embryo was transferred. So with rest frozen transfer was planned but none of them survived thawing. I was totally brokenhearted. After recovering a bit and few months later we started with a fresh batch of embryos. This time only 3 embryos survived 5 day blastocysts. 2 were transferred as per my endometrium timing but again it failed. Left with only 1 embryo. I m devastated. What to do. Please advice…..

    Ritika_Jain Ritika Jain 

    I understand the situation, but you should not leave hope so easily. May be that doctor or that fertility hospital is not good.
    Before visiting just gather information about which is the best fertility clinic that has best fertility specialists and then visit it. Without knowing about the hospital or doctor it is a waste to visit.

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    Mohita_Sawhney Mohita Sawhney 

    I have suffered same trust me what is not in our hands how can we blame our self for it. Try your level best and leave it to God. I am ready for adoption also but my husband is not. Earlier I used to blame myself but now I have left it to God. One thing is for sure I will raise a child in my life and take the responsibility whatever may be the situation. All I want is to give love. And yes I practice meditation daily.



    Mohita and Pallavi, sorry for the loss.My prayers are with you. Please stay positive and hopeful. As far as I know thawing is a technical process and it is majorly the hospitals responsibility. May I please know the hospitals that you underwent the process?

    Dost Gitanjali 

    Thanks for such a motivating response. It is the community that can help a woman sail through such a time.

    Do join us as a volunteer ‘ dost’ ( friend) and inspire other women.

    Feel free to connect with us at info@infertilitydost.com

    Astha astha mishra 


    My husband and I am 34 and have been trying to conceive for 4 years now. In the first year I conceived naturally twice but both the pregnancies ended in miscarriage in 6-7 weeks. All my tests were normal except an elevated TSH. After that my doctor started ovulation induction on me thinking my thyroid levels have compromised the egg quality.
    I tried 3 cycles of ovulation induction but did not work. On top of that it gave me serious anxiety so I stopped. After this I found out that I have stopped ovulating on my own (probably because of thyroid disorder). So I drowned myself in thyroid and infertility research. After a few months I met an endocrinologist who asked me to get tested for thyroid antibodies, which came out to be quite high. He increased my thyroxine dose but my symptoms did not change.
    By this time I was so stressed that I felt like running away.
    While researching on Hashimoto’s thyroiditis I got to know about a medicine called Armour which is available in the US which is made from the thyroid gland of pigs and helps in treating thyroid antibodies. This is when I came across an endocrinologist Dr. Vivek Kidambi who has a clinic in Bangalore. I sent him all my reports and scheduled an appointment with him, he got me tested for all the hormones and vitamin deficiencies. I found out that my Vit B12, vit D were all dangerously low. He put me on supplements along with compounded thyroid that would help fight the antibodies. In 5 months I started ovulating on my own. I tried to get pregnant for 5 months and then decided to go for IVF.
    All my hormones as well as vitamin deficiencies were in check now. In my first cycle we got 8 embryos ready and the doctor decided to freeze and transfer in the next month. they thawed 4 embryos and 3 survived and were transferred.
    In fourteen days I took a UPT and it was positive. Everything was fine according to my doctor. In one week started having pinkish spotting but the doctor told me not to worry as this was common in IVF because they had given drugs for making the endometrium lining thick and thus the body was releasing excess blood.
    Everything was fine until the 8 week scan. We also got a heartbeat but in the 8 week scan the radiologist said that the gestational sac was a bit smaller than expected. My doctor asked me to start giving myself heparin shots everyday and said this would fix everything.
    In the 10 week scan the doctor did my scan herself and told me it was a missed abortion. The radiologist said there was no heartbeat and that the gestational sac had not grown since 3 weeks.
    I had to go through D&E and the PoC was tested for chromosomal abnormalities and finally we found out that the fetus had severe triploidy/trisomy. She has now asked me to talk a genetic counselor and decide what to do.
    My research says my options are either IVF with PGD or egg donor.
    Can someone help?

    Pallavik83@gmail.com pallavik83@gmail.com 

    Thnks for your advice. I did my IVF cycles from NOVA Fertility clinic chembur. Will anybody be able to advice based on their personal experience the best IVF clinic or doctor in mumbai. I really feel like changing the clinic.

    Preejith preejith nambiar 

    I regret for the things happened in your life, don’t lose your hope.
    I am working as a Operations Manager at Rao Hospital, Coimbatore.
    Couples may have various reasons for not conceiving. At Rao Hospital, we have a dedicated team of focused and team-oriented caregivers who help you build a healthy family. We have an experienced and committed panel of embryologists, counselors, geneticists, nurses and support staff who work closely with our physicians to provide the best of services. By adopting an integrated and comprehensive approach we have been able to deliver consistently high success rates.
    For more details please reach me @ 9344413366.

    Elina_W Elina W 

    I have seen so many lives being affected by this curse. I have known so many couples who have divorced just because they weren’t able to conceive. The advancement has made possible that the sufferers of infertility could bring some into their lives. Also, I have noticed a significant decline in the stigma of assisted conception that is associated with society. People are now more aware of the significance and its cons. What to avoid and where to go. Hopefully, we get to our perfect resolutions without a heartache

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