Infertility In Women

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    Iza_Bellee Iza Bellee 

    Hello, hope you are all fine. Its really a very fast growing on issue . Many couples are facing this bitter reality. Many fail to face it and get separate. But, now its awareness is growing very fast. People are understanding their issues. Many couples prefer to stay together now. They try to face it together. Its all is possible due to IVF and surrogacy. Peoples are getting awareness for it. Its good to know that people are well aware in all over the world. I am very happy to hear that people in India are also well aware there. The world is globalizing now. It’s very good to see people sharing on forums. It’s a positive sign.

    Amenda_Alexander Amenda Alexander 

    I hope you are fine.thanks for sharing this information. I know infertility is a very serious issue.which can cause broken relationships.i always feel the pain of infertile couples.which is unable to complete their family due to any physical problem. you have told very genuine and authentic reasons. I agree with you. its good to see that you are trying to increase awareness. sometimes many peoples can get ride of infertility but due to the lake of awareness, they lost their chance to make their dreams true. my aunt was also trying to conceive from last 18 years. all the reports were clear.there was no issue. and at last, after 18 years she gets no one should lose their hop.always be positive.may God increases your knowledge.

    Bronwen_Anna Bronwen Anna 

    Hello, thank you for letting us know about infertility symptoms. I am infertile. It has been 3 years since I am dealing with it. Its a big adversity for me. Most of the time I feel guilty that I can’t conceive normally. I went to many clinics and visited many doctors but have not got the symptoms behind my infertility. Become mother is the dream of every woman but I think this dream can come true in my case. Infertility has become a big issue if every 3 or 4 women’s out of 10. But most of us don’t know about infertility symptoms. But I have recently heard about IVF and surrogacy.i have concerned about it from many individuals they all respond me positive. And suggest me to go for it. I hope it will work for me. Thank you for aware us about infertility symptoms.

    Lucy_natsu lucy natsu 

    HELLO there! expecting that everyone doing great. I am new to this forum. I found this post very interesting. Of course, infertility is the common problem of present time. I want to discuss its reasons. I think infertility is not only a genetic problem. There are also many other reasons are present. If we look into past the infertility rate was much low as compared to now. Fast food, depressions, the sex-related disease like STDs are the main causes. In STDs, it found that chances of vaginal infertility are very high. Its symptoms can also be seen in men. It includes pain during sex, fever etc. It is all due to irregular routine and negligence to this problem. This is not big issues but can be worst if ignored. These diseases should be controlled from the start. We should consult with our doctor in this regard. There is only a need to be conscious of health. So by taking care of ourselves, we can handle this problem.

    Amelia_daisy Amelia daisy 

    Infertility is a curse. It is a reason of unhappiness for a woman. It is a horrible disease. It has harmed many of the people. I make a woman lose heart. It is a situation n which a woman loses all her hope. The one who keeps firm and tries to get success. Many treatments like IVF and surrogacy has been discovered. A large number of people are moving towards these treatments. Those who can not have a baby naturally taking these treatments. I have also got success in having my child through surrogacyI have also seen many posts where people shared their successful surrogacy stories.”

    Clementine clementine williams 

    Hey there, how are you? I hope you are doing fine. I am really sorry about your past. I know what you have been through. Fighting infertility is not an easy task to do. IVF is a common treatment for infertility. I really appreciate that you chose this forum to share your experience with us. I am also infertile and can’t carry a baby naturally. Well, we can’t fight against nature that easily. I had my first surrogacy and it went successfully. There are lots of clinics in India but I went to Ukraine. Now I have a baby girl to look after. Anyways keep fighting and I hope you can make it through easily. Thanks and hoping best for everyone.

    Anjali77 Ailen Smith 

    Hellow there, Hope all are fine and doing good. Today I visited here. Well, I am 32 years old and trying to conceive. The large problem is infertility and I am trying to solve this issue inside me. The doctor said you can get a successful pregnancy with IVF. But the main problem keep in my mind that why Infertility happens? Is there due to the age limit? Is this a genetic problem? How we can save yourself from Infertility. Please let me know as soon as possible. Thanks

    Amelia_daisy Amelia daisy 

    “Infertility is a curse. It is harming people. It is most common in woman. It is the horrible phase in a woman’s life. In my opinion, no woman deserves to face infertility. unfortunately, some women have to face infertility. It is the worst reality of this life. It kills a woman when she hears about her infertility.
    It destroys a woman from inside. A woman never wants to face infertility is her life. The good things are that many treatments for infertility have also been introduced. IVF and surrogacy are good treatments for infertility. They have decreased the infertility rate. They are blessings of science. I have seen many couples who have been blessed with baby through this treatment. A large number of people moving towards this treatment in order to have a baby. May God bless everyone with good health.”

    Mia smith chloe charles 

    Hey dear, I hope you are doing fine and great. Infertility is the worst curse for every woman. You want to meet and talk with anyone. Your heart feels so numb and lost. You just want to be alone. I have been there too. And I would say Do not feel this way. Go for surrogacy it is indeed the best available opportunity for infertile women like us. The thought of having your own babies is just so incredible. It makes you feel the best in every way. No other thing can replace this feeling ever. Keep calm and be confident about yourself. Ignore all the bad vibes. Stay well dear many wishes to you take care.

    Clementine clementine williams 

    Hey there, how are you? I hope you are doing fine. I am really sorry about your past. This is just another war for you. No matter what happens you can’t give up that easily. I am sure you are doing great. I am really glad that you have chosen surrogacy. Surrogacy has become popular. The success rate is more than 95%. IVF and surrogacy are two options but the best one is surrogacy. Surrogacy is a real gem and has helped lots of couples. This is a great opportunity. I would like to advise you to go for surrogacy from Europe. Thanks and hoping best for everyone.

    Juliet_Rocks Juliet Rocks 

    In fact barrenness is getting regular issue among youthful age. Nearly in each nation 100 above are experiencing this issue. Be that as it may, with the assistance of modernized innovation, it has turned out to be anything but difficult to treat with various medications. Surrogacy and IVF assumes an indispensable part in this treatment. I have been managing the issue since 8 years. What’s more, it’s extremely distressed for me to manage this most exceedingly terrible issue. In any case, when I found out about IVF I felt extremely upbeat. This is the main seek which has left after each frustrates barren. To end up a mother is the fantasy of each lady. However, it was my misfortune. much thanks to you such a great amount for imparting this data to us. You clarified everything about IVF so well. In the wake of perusing this my the sum total of what question has been cleaned. Presently I can without much of a stretch decide on this treatment. I seek IVF work after me.

    Bitter_Cooper Bitter Cooper 

    Hy all, I am here to share my sorrows with you all. I have been pregnant 4 times. But every time my pregnancy has ended in a miscarriage. This is really strange for me. In my first month, I start bleeding. This is really disastrous. I know it is not healthy. Maybe I am suffering from infertility or any serious disease. I am much worried and scared. I am afraid of the needles since childhood. I don’t know what would be doctor’s opinion about me. I don’t know should I go to the infertility clinic for my treatment? I don’t know what fate has decided for me. I don’t know I would get pregnant or not. Please help me. I need it badly.

    Kate_pattinson kate pattinson 

    Hey dear, I hope you are fine. I wanted to share my story here to get some help. I am TTC but couldn’t because of my heartbeat problem and hormones problem. The heartbeat doesn’t stay normal. It often gets too high and often too low. I am really worried about myself now. There is no way out now. I want to start my family now. It is already too late. I don’t have much knowledge about the infertility clinics and the treatments. So, I am confused. I thought that my sister would help me. But she also refused. So, I am here now. Please guide me correct. What should I do? Which clinic would be best for me? And does the infertility treatments are much costly? I can’t afford much.

    Amelia_robert amelia robert 

    Hello there, I read your post and I am so sorry for your loss. Infertility is a very common issue nowadays. I had seen many couples who are fighting infertility. I can feel your pain because I was going through the same situation. I was infertile. I decided to go for IVF. But my IVF got failed for 2 times. I was so depressed. Then I decide to leave this treatment. After a year when my condition got stabbed I conceived naturally. Now I am a mother of a baby boy. I am so happy to have him in my life. It is a great experience. You should take time so your health got stable. Everything will be fine. Good luck.

    Olivia_John Olivia John 

    Hello guys. I want to share something. I am infertile. The reason was depression pills. As a child i used to take alot if depression pills. It led me to infertility. My husband loves babies. He really wants a child. I have been suggested surrogacy and IVF but the thing those are very expensive. Are there any clinics which provide such clinics? Clinic which are affordable and not expensive. I really dont know what to do. And how to handke this situation. It is very hard for me. Please help me guys. Thanks in advance.

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