Infertility In Women

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    Dost Gitanjali 

    This is pandora’s box. There are so many causes and symptoms of infertility in women that often it takes years for couples to diagnose the reason.

    Tubal blockage, PCOD, cyst, egg quality, uterus shape, ovum creation, harmone imbalance, recurrent miscarriage, no fetal heartbeat are some of the common problems faced by women undergoing infertility treatments.

    Treatments are expensive, invasive and disturbing both physically and mentally. Even diagnostic tests like HSG, laparoscopy, hysterectomy are tough to handle.

    This forum is to rant, vent, find support, share notes and to seek answers or just make friends or cycle buddies 🙂

    Stay calm and stay strong.


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    Ankit_Arora Ankit Arora 

    Infertility is very common issue now a days. the various symptoms of infertility in a females are Changes in flow, Irregular periods, No periods, Painful periods, Sudden acne, Abnormal hair growth. Sudden hair loss or thinning of your hair at a rapid pace could be due to a number of different reasons. Hair loss is also one of the symptoms of infertility in a female and linked to PCOS. Women may reduce the risk of fertility issue by taking healthy diet. Improve the health of your reproductive organs by eating right.There are certain foods that are specifically believed to improve ovulation. A woman with a healthy ovulation cycle is more likely to conceive easily. Foods that increase fertility include leafy green vegetables, legumes, sweet potato, eggs, meat and fish. If you are facing the issue of fertility then you may also consult with IVF Centre in Delhi


    Before we focus on infertility and its causes, it is important to first understand how the female reproductive system works during the menstrual cycle. The cycle is set in motion with the release of an egg from the ovaries, which is made possible by the action of ovarian follicles. These follicles are first stimulated by the brain’s pituitary gland, which releases a hormone, thus initiating the cycle.
    During the course of the menstrual cycle, various hormones are produced to facilitate the process with Oestrogen (supports follicle growth) and Progesterone (to make the uterus ideal for pregnancy) being the most notable of the lot.
    Following ovulation, the sperm cells and egg meet in the fallopian tube, with one of the sperm cells accepted by the egg. Fertilisation is said to have occurred when the sperm cell penetrates the outer layer of the egg. This fertilised egg then continues its journey to the uterus and once the egg implants itself into the lining of the uterus, pregnancy is said to have occurred. If however, the egg isn’t properly fertilised or if the embryo fails to develop, the lining of the uterus is shed as a menstrual period about 14 days after ovulation.

    Cameron_Cruise Cameron_Cruise 

    Expectation all of you are doing great. I am new to this discussion I am a decent reader of posts and stories however posting out of the blue. I got hitched 5 years go and confronted 3 unnatural birth cycles. For the most part women are experiencing fruitlessness nowadays. I attempted 3 times however all futile! Specialist thought of me as a barren! I have no choice left at this point! I truly would like to hear an uplifting news soon! I am so much discouraged nowadays! Individuals have diverse dispositions towards me! Fruitlessness is influencing me and my significant other’s relationship too. I don’t recognize what to do! I have left everything on destiny now! I truly need a child! My significant other and I adore kids a ton! My in laws likewise say me negative things! Barrenness has smashed me. I supplicate and seek things work after me.

    Amelia_brown amelia brown 

    Hey Gitanjali, hope you are doing well. I am Amelia from Ireland. I just joined this forum. This is the first post I read. And I couldnt resist commenting. Infertility is a curse. You are so right. There are many causes and symptoms. It confuses one to identify. I never realized that I have fertility issue. I was so happy to conceive after 2 years of my marriage. Everything went well until week 3. Doctors were unable to see my baby in my womb. So they had to do an extensive ultrasound to find out that it is an ectopic pregnancy. I had to abort my child and since then I am an infertile.

    Iris_Watson Iris Watson 

    Hey, hope you are doing well. I am new here on this forum. I have been signing in to many forums for so long. As i have found many relatable things on different forums. I am an infertile also. And There is no as such cause of my infertility. I had 3 miscarriages 3 year back. And I never quit TTC after that even. I tried many treatments, medicines but nothing worked. Doctors say i am physically fit for pregnancy. But seems like i will never be able to conceive. All i see the darkness around myself. Things are getting harder for me now. My husband is slowly losing interest in me. And i am helpless all the way. I don’t know how to things work. There is not a single hope left in my life. Infertility has cursed my life so bad. I was recommended surrogacy and IVF also. But i am scared it it will work for me or not. If any procedure didn’t work, i am scared, i will lose my husband forever. I need prayers. Life is so hard these days.

    Jennifer_green Jennifer green 

    Hi, hope you are doing good. I am Jenniferr. I so agree with you. The causes and symptoms are mind boggling. The treatments are very expensive. One has to think twice before trying a treatment. I had fertility issues and doctor recommended t try IVF. I tried IVF twice but it failed both times. My husband and I spent all our savings. All we got in return was depression and frustration. My husband got so frustrated that he divorced me. He was not able to cope my issues. I lived alone for a year in that depression. A friend helped me to get through this. I am married to him now and I am thinking to start my fertility treatment again.

    DiviyaSalana Sarah Willy 

    Hello ladies. How are you all holding up here? So, yeah! Well, this is such an informative post! Thanks for sharing it! Things can be related. I’m also a 38, year old lady. Suffering from PCOS! So, yes! Can’t conceive naturally till yet. Had MCs in past, but still trying. So, yeah! Just need luck! Still, trying best! See you all ladies…Baby dust to all of you. Hope you do conceive.

    Elina_Corbin Elina Corbin 

    I am new to this forum, but now I enjoy following various discussions here. It’s really a positive thing to see that there is a platform like this. Overwhelming to see the doctors are interacting with the patients. It is quite unusual. I also have gone through IVF cycle with a really good clinic. It feels great when the doctors treat you while understanding your position. This shows one’s devotion to the profession. It happened so that I could not continue my first IVF cycle due to some unfortunate my family. I had issues financially. But my clinic accommodated me. Unfortunately, the pregnancy that occurred could not persist. But when I revived from my almost divorce. We wanted to have a family. It is then that my doctors and family support came into action. They made it happen for me I would most proudly say. I have a healthy baby boy now. All because of belief in one’s self, god and the society, also thriving with persistence.

    Kate_alan kate alan 

    Hey Gantajli, thank you for let us know about infertility symptoms. I am infertile. Recently I have done with uterine fibroids surgery. My uterus has been removed. I know women are nothing without it. Become a mother is the most beautiful feeling in this whole universe. But as you know infertility has become a problem of almost every women due to many health issues. I have been looking for the clinic who will treat my infertility. Someone told me about IVF and surrogacy. But most of the people nowadays are opting for IVF as its very secure way to treat infertility. But as compare to surrogacy where surrogate mother is involved is quite lengthy and unpredictable method. its chances of success are less than IVF.but I hope my rest of treatment will go better for me. Thank you for making us aware of it.

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    Elina_W Elina W 

    Infertility has taken so many lives, and have revived so many as well… women over the age of 35 face difficulties in conceiving and face a lot of struggle they are failed or some chose to go for assisted conception. I have failed to conceive for a long nine years. Still no luck. I am going to apply for IVF soon. We have signed up with a fertility clinic. Hopefully, this will bring us joy and happiness that we are searching for!! However, I am quite old for it.. but I have seen women conceiving naturally at the age of 45. Which is quite amazing… I am quite hopeful that assisted conception will work for us.

    Amelia_Clementine Amelia Clementine 

    thanks, Gitanjali. I am new at your forum. I don’t know about women who are here. I just want to make new friends. Moreover, I feel like my knowledge is getting down day by day. I am also on the track to conceive naturally. But let’s see what happen to me. You explained well. Please use simple medical terminologies. Because I have to make search many times just on one word. It’s good to see your post and also know about you. can you please guide me where I should start my cycle? I need friends of my age and cycle duration who I can speak frankly without any hesitation. It will be your gratefulness. Stay happy Gitanjali.

    Jannifer_kate jannifer kate 

    Infertility is a nightmare for a couple. No women want to remain childless. Having a child just complete the family. Not being able to conceive naturally is very difficult to accept. Infertility can be caused due to a different disease. PCOS, Fetal abnormalities, having some other health issues or being through some serious accidents all cause f infertility. The couples who are facing these should stay strong. In today world, there are many alternatives available. One of my friends also facing PCOS due to which she is unable to conceive naturally. I really feel for her. May every woman have a happy and healthy life. Good luck ladies.

    Cameron_Cruise Cameron_Cruise 

    Hello, trust you are doing great. I am new here on this discussion. I have been marking in excessively numerous gatherings for so long. As I have discovered numerous relatable things on various gatherings. I am a fruitless moreover. What’s more, There is no in that capacity reason for my fruitlessness. I had 3 unsuccessful labors amid my 5 long stretches of marriage. Specialists say I am fruitless. All I see the darkness around myself. Things are getting harder for me now. My DH other is gradually losing enthusiasm for me. What’s more, I am defenseless the distance. I don’t know how to things function. There is certifiably not a solitary expectation left in my life. Infertility has reviled my life so awful. I was suggested surrogacy and IVF too. Yet, I am terrified it will work for me or not. In the event that any system didn’t work, I am terrified, I will lose my better half for eternity. I require petitions. Life is so difficult nowadays. On the off chance that you can help me with this issue! If it’s not too much trouble let me know

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