How do infertility treatments work and how effective are they?

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    Hailey_Blake Hailey Blake 

    Infertility is the biggest issue concerning nowadays. Most of the people around the world are infertile. They don’t know what to do in these matters. But thanks to Surrogacy and IVF, a ray of hope has come. Both of these treatments are the best in their respective circle. But still, Surrogacy stands out. The reason is it’s success rates. The cost is also not too high. Similarly, IVF success rates are low from Surrogacy. And it is costly. So we can say that Surrogacy is the best option. IVF has different stages. It is costly. But it costs less in some countries. It ‘s better to go there.

    Juliet_Rocks Juliet Rocks 

    Hi! Hope everyone is okay! I am new to this forum! I have learnt a lot from these posts! I am an infertile! I am suffering from a heart disease name Mitral Stenosis! This disease have shattered me! I have lost my confidence! I cry day and night! No one is there to help me! Doctor said to me you should leave the hope of conceiving! I am restless now! I have no idea what to do! I need some suggestions! I am all alone! Cannot tell anyone! Doctors said to me to go for surrogacy! I have no idea about it! Need prayers! Thanks in advance!

    Grace_Charlie Grace Charlie 

    I felt sad to know about the failure you have been through. But I think IVF will be a great option for you. I know such methods are a bit expensive but is a more prior option over other treatments. But now several clinics have developed that are providing such methods on installments. I think you should also consult some well-reputed clinic. There are also certain options in Europe who provides such procedures on installments. They have reasonable expenses and provides quality treatment to their customers. So I think you can also choose the installment process if you have some financial issues. I hope it will be a good option for you.

    Jannifer_kate jannifer kate 

    Hello Neha! I am so sorry for your troubles. Infertility is the worst nightmare. Many women out there are suffering from this. This is becoming the most common disease nowadays. It is not any one’s fault. It is natural. It’s not in your hand. You must stay brave. It’s good that you are searching for other treatments. Many clinics are treating infertility. Infertility treatments are also very common. But finding the good clinic is difficult. Ones you find the clinic of your choice all things willet better. Hope you’ll find the good one. Stay strong. Wishing you a great future ahead. Good luck.

    Juliet_Rocks Juliet Rocks 

    Hi Neha! Hope you are doing well! I am sad after reading your experience! Infertility is not easy to handle! I can totally relate to your situation! I was an infertile too! I am suffering from a heart disease name Mitral Stenosis! I could not conceive it due to this problem! I am helpless now! My DH and in laws gossips about me! I feel uncomfortable in gatherings when I see kids around! I was thinking of adoption but no one is agree! I am shattered! I am much worried about my life! I take stress! I can’t sleep during night! My DH ignores me! I cannot bear all this! Pray for me!

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    Cameron_Cruise Cameron_Cruise 

    Hi Neha! Hope you are doing well! I am really sorry to hear your experience! Infertility is a curse! I salute to those women who are fighting with it! I was an infertile too! I got married 5 years back! I had faced 3 miscarriages! Then doctors suggest me to go for surrogacy! I am planning to go for it now! You should go for it too! Its the only option left for us! I have spoken to my friend who went through this process! It was a safe one! Me and my DH are searching for a good clinic! Hope we find one soon! All the best!

    Amelia_robert amelia robert 

    Hello! Hope you are doing good. I am feeling sorry for your infertility. Infertility is the worst disease. It takes a lot from a woman. But surrogacy and IVF are the best alternatives for infertility. IVF is a very effective treatment. Also, its success rates are very high. It is a very inexpensive treatment. IVF is a source of happiness for the couples who are facing infertility. I also have a daughter through IVF. It was a great experience. All you need is to find a good doctor. Because I feel the success of IVF depends more on a doctor who is handling your case rather than the hospital you go with. I hope everything will be fine in the end. Good luck in your future.

    Amelia_brown amelia brown 

    Hey Neha, hope you are doing well. I am Amelia Brown. I live in Ireland. I joined this forum a few days back. Dear I have no idea about costs in different states. But I can tell you one thing for sure. Select a best possible clinic. As you already had faced failure earlier. I dont want you to have any such experience again. IVF is a costly treatment. So think well before opting for it. Select a good and reliable clinic. Do your research and try to talk to people who have had successful IVF attempts. I really hope that you conceive soon. Good luck for your treatment.

    Katherine_milakovic katherine milakovic 

    Neha, hope you are doing well. I am katherine from York,UK. I joined this forum recently to learn about how infertility treatments are done in and what are the cost of it there.Cost of treatment varies in different countries.One thing is for sure,clinic should be chosen very carefully.IVF is not an easy treatment and surely is an expensive one. Careful considerations are needed before choosing IVF.Do your research and try to talk to people who have had successful IVF attempts. I really hope that you conceive soon.Best wishes for your future.

    Yashoda_IVF_centre Yashoda IVF centre 

    Hii everyone,Infertility is not very big deal nowadays.Their are different techniques through we provides happiness to all childless couples.Latest Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) is blessing for all. YashodaIVF centre is the best fertility treatment centre in navi mumbai for more detail please visit

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