How do infertility treatments work and how effective are they?

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    Neha_Sharma Neha Sharma 

    Hi All,

    I have been through 3 IUI cycles with no success. Now my doctor has suggested me for IVF. The cost for the IVF treatment that she gave is huge per cycle. Which means We will have to use our entire savings if we keep in mind that we will have to go for 3 cycles to be successful. Can anyone guide if the cost for IVF varies in different states of India or is it more or less the same? Also, which are the good IVF centers in India?

    Thank You

    Shruti_Trivedi Shruti_Trivedi 

    Dear Neha,

    I can understand your situation as I have also gone through the infertility issues for a long time. The cost for IVF do differ state by state. For example in Delhi it is relative costlier then in Gujarat. However, it might also depend on the Infertility centers as some center in the same state may cost more then the other ones. Also, the success of IVF I feel depend more on the doctor who is handling your case rather than the hospital you go with.


    Saumya_dwivedi saumya dwivedi 

    Hi Neha,

    Do not get worried, I understand the cost involve in IVF procedure is huge but if you are visiting the correct doc you will get good result & may be you get it in first cycle itself,

    Yes cost do vary from one center to other, I can suggest a doc to you- Dr. Sonia Malik- Southend IVF center.She is one of the best.


    Divya_Ghaisas Jyoti Sharma 

    I have had unsuccessful first cycle IVF results. do i need to consider a second cycle? Can any one tell what to do in order to have success with the second IVF attempt?

    Anshu Pooja Pandruvada 

    Women normally don’t get success in the first IVF cycle. Try for one more cycle as your body starts responding after a few dosage of hormonal medicines. Eat healthy, stay fit and most importantly, be positive to increase your chances. All the best!!

    Sloka_Solanki Sloka Solanki 

    When an IVF cycle fails, many patients want to do “something new” or “something different” in the next cycle. However, do remember that the commonest reason for a failed IVF cycle is the failure of the embryos to implant – and since this is still an area of profound ignorance, there is little we can do to increase the probability of successful implantation occurring the next time. Most doctors would advise you to wait for a month before starting a new cycle. While it is medically possible to do the next cycle immediately. Your doctor may need to modify your treatment, depending upon an assessment of your previous cycle. Hope this will somehow help you.

    Ritika_Jain Ritika Jain 

    While 70% of the couples visiting the centre have a fair idea of IVF its procedure, the side effects and the finances involved, very few are aware that they have to plan and prepare well ahead of the treatment. Here is what you need to know about ivf process and how you can prepare for the ivf cycle :

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    Kaku Kukikuki 

    I am trying to conceive for last one year. In the meantime, I have undergone laparoscopic surgery for ovarian cyst removal in April,2017. I had cyst in left ovary and a fibroid in uterus. During surgery, the cyst and fibroid were removed and HSG was done. HSG showed that i have bilateral Fallopian tube blockage. there are severe adhesions in pelvic regions. The gynaecologist recommends IVF for pregnancy. One month post surgery, I consulted an IVF specialist. he checked for AMH and endometrium lining on day 23rd of my cycle. AMH is 0.83 and endometrium lining is 6 mm. Both are below the standard normal range. He recommended DHEA tablet and a food supplement for 3 months. I was wondering if anyone of you have similar experience? If AMH and endometrium lining are affected because of the laproscopic surgery? Can you recommend any good fertility specialist in India? What is the approx. cost incurred for IVF? Thanking you in advance.

    Ankit_Arora Ankit Arora 

    Medicine or hormone treatments are often the first steps in fertility treatment. They are also used for in vitro fertilization and other assisted reproductive technologies. If you have irregular or no ovulation, using medicine or hormones to stimulate ovulation will increase your chances of pregnancy. Many times IVF patients face implantation failure just because of their negligence. Most of the time IVF failure is due to couples wanting to save money and getting their treatment done from small ill equipped clinics with a lack of proper facilities and secondary reason is many patients do not take the necessary precautions after the IVF procedure has been performed.

    HariSrinivasan Hari Srinivasan 

    Dear Neha,
    Sad to hear that IUI cycles have not worked out for you. Actually, IUI success rates are dismal – about 15% world wide – per cycle. So don’t feel bad. More than 80 out of 100 people going in for IUI do not get a positive result.
    IVF certainly is better, has better success rates, if the underlying conditions are reasonable – good AMH, good semen parameters, good endometrium thickness, good general health, no underlying diabetes or hypertension etc.
    Typical cost of IVF (including all injections, tablets, freezing, consultations, scans, investigations, procedures etc.) will come to around 2 lakhs, in most cities in Bangalore. If somebody is quoting way less than that, please be sure that they are cutting costs. I suggest that you look for a good centre, trust them completely and do as they instruct. If they get good embryos, then you can plan for 2 to 3 cycles of embryo transfer. Usually, 85% of women conceive within 3 cycles of IVF, if the general health is good.
    Good luck. Let me know if you need more information. I know this IVF field well and I may be able to help.


    The most popular among the infertility treatments is the IVF.
    commonly known as ‘test-tube baby’, is a procedure in which the egg is fertilized by sperm outside the body.The woman’s eggs are removed from the ovaries and fertilized in a fluid medium in the laboratory. Once fertilized, the fertilized egg is cultured for three to five days and then transferred to the woman’s uterus, in order to establish pregnancy.
    The success rate of IVF depends upon many factors, primarily the patient’s age. Younger women are able to produce more genetically normal and balanced eggs than older woman and enjoy greater successes. It also depends on the type of fertility problems, the quality of sperms and lifestyle habits. Thus, the IVF success rate depends on multiple factors and you should contact your IVF doctors for more information.

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    There are many infertility treatments and each treatment have its own procedure. Bust the most effective and assured treatment is IVF treatment to know more about its procedure click here

    You also asked about which is best infertility treatment center so I recommend you to visit femalefirsthospital in surat. One of my friend gone their and she get results within a year.

    Alexis_Bauer Alexis Bauer 

    infertility are almost 100% effective. it depends which one you are getting. IVF is convenient. but it is painful. surrogacy is better option. it is also cheap. i have been infertile for the past 3 years. but i havent lost hope. i personally favor surrogacy. i have researched a lot on this. i like surrogacy becauuse it has higher chances of success. i am done being depressed. i want to be a mother now. surrogacy is my only hope. i really want a baby. you should research and consult professionals. you should also consult their previous patients too.

    Mia smith chloe charles 

    Hello to all beautiful people. I hope all of you are doing great with your health. I’m here to discuss my infertility. I’m so broken and empty right now. I have been trying my best to have some good news but having hard luck. I couldn’t help it. All I want to have is a complete family. I hope there will be a hope for me too. I can rejoice with the blessing of being a mother someday. I need luck and support. Stay blessed.

    Bella_k bella k 

    Well, dear, I don’t think so that IVF will be successful in your case. Though it’s cost will be higher. The risk of success is very low. So I would suggest your surrogacy. It will be best for you. In the same price for three attempts of IVF, you will have surrogacy. Its success rate is very higher. So it’s better not to waste your time and money on IVF. Many centers in India are working on the success of IVF. Though IVF success is very low as compared to surrogacy. In surrogacy, the embryo created by frozen egg and embryo will be transferred to the womb of another female. She will carry your baby for 9months. It will be your biological child. Wish you the best of luck for that. Baby dust to you.

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