Fertility test for both men and women before marriage

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    Riya_Mehta Riya Mehta 

    Do you think there should be a fertility test for both men and women before marriage?

    Kinjal_ Kinjal_ 

    Before marriage it is essential for every couple to undergo fertility test and if your partner is incapable of having children then you must be supportive.

    Khyati_Singh Khyati Singh 

    Yes I am agree because fertility issues can be addressed as early as possible without the unnecessary biological, psychological, social and emotional trauma associated with barrenness.

    Bhumi_Singh Bhumi Singh 

    Blood Group matching is too necessary thing for chances of a baby.

    Anika_Bhavsar Anika Bhavsar 

    Several blood tests are helpful in detecting a number of potential causes of infertility such as abnormal hormonal levels, presence of cystic ovaries, cervical problems, etc.

    MauliJain Mauli Jain 

    Infertility is a problem that can ruin marriages. A relationship became particularly bitter when both partners blaming each other for this. Therefore, I think infertility test must be done before marriage so that the couple know the problem and able to find out the solution for infertility.

    Ankit_Arora Ankit Arora 

    Infertility is very common issue now a days. the various symptoms of infertility in a females are Changes in flow, Irregular periods, No periods, Painful periods, Sudden acne, Abnormal hair growth. Sudden hair loss or thinning of your hair at a rapid pace could be due to a number of different reasons. Hair loss is also one of the symptoms of infertility in a female and linked to PCOS.

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