When is the best time to go for infertility treatment

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    Bronwen_Anna Bronwen Anna 

    hello, thank you for sharing this post.i have been dealing with infertility since 2016. In the beginning, I took this light. But with the time it created a huge mess for me. I did not go to any doctor because I felt ashamed and shy about my infertility problem. but later I realized this is not the solution to every problem. I talked about my problem from many of my individuals. Then they suggest me to opt for IVF or surrogacy.i always feel regret about my attitude whenever I think about my blunders. But I am happy that I opted for IVF.it helped me so much to overcome my deficiencies. Thank you for sharing this.it will help me so much in my further process. I hope my rest of the process will go smoothly.

    Grace_Charlie Grace Charlie 

    You are absolutely right. Many couples remain unaware about their infertility even after years. In a modern World, instead of curing infertility certain alternate ways have developed that can help people in this regard. Surrogacy or IVF are among them. They are playing a major role in the society to help several infertile couples. If someone is facing complications then they could go for IVF. Similarly, if someone is unable to retain his pregnancy then they could avail the option of surrogacy. Such methods have paved the way for fertility and have reduced the human effort. I think people should avail of this wonderful opportunity.

    Jemima_John Jemima John 

    I just read your post. It’s interesting. Infertility is really a curse. People are struggling for years but with no luck. You are right that people should consult with fertility clinics after a year of being failed. But now to overcome infertility, several alternate ways have developed that are helping many infertile couples in this regard. Such methods have really paved the way for fertility. Due to such methods, infertile couples are able to start their own family. And I’m so grateful to have such methods. I hope no one would face infertility for years from now.

    Diana_kamie kames kamie 

    Infertility is very hard to go through. Because it continuously makes human feel that he/she is not normal. And sometimes it is very depressing. I completely agree with your statement. You should keep doing this work. It will help many others. Infertility treatments are helping infertile to some extent. But it can be possible only when awareness will spread all along. So let’s hope that everyone will consider this.

    Iris_Watson Iris Watson 

    Hey, hope you are doing well. I agree with you. One should never waste their time on TTC if it is not working. I wasted my 12 years on TTC. But nothing worked out. Few months back i decided for fertility treatments. I am now 36. And i have wasted my 12 years desiring for baby and getting disappointed. I love kids so much. And it was so hard for me to survive past 12 years. Life was more than a hell. I was not aware of these infertility treatments like IVF and surrogacy. i got to know about them 2 years back. But i was scared of them. so i never thought about it. Or planned to try any treatment. Few months back i saw a video on you tube regarding surrogacy. And i got interested to know more about it. And this led me to try surrogacy. And i realised i have wasted so much time. But its never too late. Maybe it was meant to be this way. I am glad that finally i made a right decision.

    Yashoda_IVF_centre Yashoda IVF centre 

    Hii everyone,
    Infertility is not a major problem nowadays.There are some techniques through which we can resolve this problem.for more information about When is the best time to go for infertility treatment
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    Drsumitasofat drsumitasofat 

    Now, In this days infertility treatment is normal treatment. You should select the best hospital for treatment they can give you a perfect solution. Like as normal birth, IVR birth also normal.

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