When is the best time to go for infertility treatment

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    Gitanjali Gitanjali 

    Going to an infertility specialist can be scary. Even the word infertility has such a wrong ring to it.

    However, if you have been trying to conceive naturally for one year and yet are unable to then it is the right time to shed your inhibitions and see an infertility specialist.

    If you are conceiving naturally but are having recurrent miscarriage then consider infertility treatments and seeing an infertility specialist.

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    Elina_W Elina W 

    Indeed a good doctor is all one need. You may need to get your hormones checked. It is important that the tests are made in a reliable lab. Moreover, the age factor can cause the difficulty in conceiving naturally. Moreover, there has been a lot of advancement in the field of assisted conception. Some issues can be treated with medications and a good diet. Rest are handed with a surgery or assisted conception. If you are not familiar with your problem. Then you must consult with a good fertility doctor. There are lots of good doctors. You just need to research who has the best resolution to your problem.

    Amelia_brown amelia brown 

    Hi Gitanjali, hope you are doing well. I agree with you buddy. Many people are afraid to visit doctors. They prefer to do self-medication. Which further cause health problems. No matter how small the issue might seem. If it persists for a long time. Then one should definitely see a doctor. I have read so many posts where people are TTC for years but they havent consulted any doctor yet. This is wrong at many levels. It is fine to seek advice from others. We surely do learn from others’ experiences. But proper screening and tests are required to indicate the real health condition. I hope people will understand the sensitivity of this issue. I wish all the people reading this all the very best for your fertility issues.

    Bella_k bella k 

    When you are suffering from few issues. Like PCOS is one of the reasons for infertility. Endometriosis is also the reason for infertility. Many people who had miscarriages due to some incident. They are also declared infertile. This is something heart-wrenching for me. This is the really difficult situation for females. They are suffering from a lot of tough time. These wonderful treatments like IVF and surrogacy are the cure for this problem. These treatments are helping people to achieve their dreams. They are helping people to complete their family. That’s a wonderful effort done by a good clinic. India is also improving in the field of IVF and surrogacy. Wish you good luck with that. My best wishes are with you

    Olivia_John Olivia John 

    Hello hope everyone is fine here. Guys I want to share my story with you all. I am infertile. I am trying to have a child for 5 years but nothing worked. The reason for my infertility was depression pills. I was literally devastated. My life was so ruined. But now..my sister has suggested me surrogacy. I’m thinking of going through it. Can anyone please suggest me best clinics for surrogacy? And also this which have suitable rates? Options recommended. Please help me out guys. I really want to go through this process as soon as possible. Would be very grateful to you guys. Much thanks in advance.

    Clementine clementine williams 

    Hey there, how are you? I hope you are doing fine. I am really sorry about your past. Life is made up of sorrows and happiness. This is just another difficult journey for you. I know what pain you have been through but you’ve to keep fighting. I met an accident where I lost my baby and it made me infertile for the lifetime. Thanks to my supportive partner. We went for the surrogacy procedure. I had no option than this. It went successfully, and now I have a complete family. I hope you can make it too. Thanks and hoping best for you. God bless you.

    Anjali77 Ailen Smith 

    Hellow There, How are you Everyone, Well today I visited here and found this forum very helpful. I am 28 Years old but not getting a natural pregnancy. Almost 3 months before I was pregnant but I don’t what the main issue in me. I got a Miscarriage. Even I have take care of my health. Now I have to check and the clinic asked me to discuss IVF treatment with your partner. I cannot pregnant naturally so this is the way of getting pregnant. Please Let me know the best place and time for this treatment. Thanks

    Jennifer_green Jennifer green 

    Hi Gitanjali, hope you are fine. I am so glad that finally someone has raised this issue. This is a weird behavior that I have observed in my surrundings. People tend to wait until they feel physical harm. They tend to get advice on forums and from their friends. They should understand that medical condition of one patient differs from other. One might get help from such experiences. It is indeed very important to consult a qualified infertility specialist. I myself had faced this issue. I was TTC naturally. I kept waiting as I never expected any infertility isse. When I consulted doctor I find out that I have endometriosis. I had to undergo IVF but it also failed and I am regretting now. Moreover, wasting time might affect the fertility strength of a couple. As with age the egg health and sperm count decreases.

    Mia smith chloe charles 

    Hello, how are you doing? I hope all is great at your side. Infertility is something which can’t be ignored we can’t control this. We can’t control our emotions it’s too hard to deal with it. We feel like we have no interest left. Not in everything or everyone. Even the ones we love the most leave us too. And many of us feel lost somewhere. And can’t figure out what can we do to escape from this harsh reality. Make sure you are doing good in life. Your mental health matters more than anything. Try to get over this issue. Do not over think on loop. Stay safe and blessed.

    Marina_j marina j 

    I felt sad for you. You are going through the most difficult situations. Dear, ups and downs are the part of life. You’ve to be strong to get out of your worries. TTC is the toughest stages in anyone’s life. It gets difficult when you come to know about your infertility. However, you’re lucky as your partner is supporting. Believe in yourself and consult your doctor. Your doctor can understand you better than anyone. Surrogacy and IVF are two different treatments. It’s appreciable that you are going for IVF. But it’s not suitable for every circumstance. You can give surrogacy a try too. All the best for future operations!

    Hailey_Blake Hailey Blake 

    Trying to conceive is a real pain in the gain. Things go well most of the time. But not all of the time. This is a big shock. Especially for a woman. The person most affected by this is female. So the best thing to do in these cases is to consult the doctor. The doctor is an expert in his specific field. He can clearly understand what is really happening inside a woman’s body. If the result is negative then the doctor suggests the patient go for Infertility treatments. So it is better to give these treatments a try. If one can try TTC then why not Infertility treatments. So it is a good choice. Not a bad one. Because one cannot wait too long. Either male or female.

    Katherine_milakovic katherine milakovic 

    Gitanjali, hope you are doing fine. It was about time that someone raised this issue. Our society reacts weirdly to this issue.I do not understand why people wait until damage is unrecoverable. They will do everything what their friend and family tell them but wont consult a specialist. They should understand that medical condition of one patient differs from other. One might get help from such experiences. It is indeed very important to consult a qualified infertility specialist.I understand your point of view because i too have the same issue. For year i was TTC naturally.I never expected any infertility issue.After consulting doctor I found out that I have endometriosis. I had to undergo IVF but it also failed and I am regretting now. Moreover, wasting time might affect the fertility strength of a couple. As with age the egg health and sperm count decreases.

    Tina_Walker Tina Walker 

    Hi Gitanjli. How are you doing? Hope so you are doing fine. Well, I agree with you 100%. You are right. If women are having a miscarriage again and again then she should seek infertility treatment. One of my friends also had a baby through surrogacy. And she is now living a very happy and normal life. Everyone who is facing difficulties in conceiving should lean toward infertility treatments. Best of luck to all.

    Marie98989 isla 98989 

    Yes, you are right. Glad to see this post. You have started such a nice topic. I was also TTC for 8 years. But at that time I did not know about its treatments. Then I came to know through my friend. I opted for Europe for my surrogacy. Now I am satisfied with my procedures. It is the best time after one year. Get proper treatments. Waiting for too long may lead to disappointments. And even then might be stress will spoil your chance for IVF as well. Because IVF needs mental satisfaction. Ladies must think about it. And husbands should cooperate with her. All the best to every TTC. My best wishes are with you.

    Sneha_Lims Sneha Lims 

    “Infertility is the very hard phase of women life. It is very difficult to cope with. It completely breaks down women into pieces. I have heard very sad stories of infertility.
    Science has provided us with the solutions to get rid of infertility. Still, many people say odd things about these treatments. This is just because of lack of knowledge. I would request ladies who are facing issues in conceiving should go for these treatments. These treatments are the great blessing of science. They are risk-free and highly successful. Well if you want things to happen exactly the way you wish then choose a prominent and trustworthy clinic. Indian clinics are very prominent in this regard. But still be aware and choose a great clinic.”

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