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One of the most important factor that has emerged recently is the level of AMH (Anti-Mullerian Hormone).

Low level of AMH indicates low ovarian reserve and thus the chances of conception go down. This level declines as we age and more when we cross 35 however studies now indicate that due to air pollution, water not being pure & the food that we eat not being nutritious enough is causing AMH level to go down drastically.

There is no symptom of low AMH. Also some doctors dont consider this as an important factor however going by my personal experience this is very important. The person who does your sonography should be able to relate your AMH levels with the antra follicle count during the scan. if the no of antra follicle count is low then i would suggest anyone facing this problem not to waste time and go for IUI and IVF immediately. This level doesnt go up but only declines.

Also I have come to know that Metropolis lab is the only lab in India that has the correct lab equipments to give us the correct results for AMH. Others may or may not be accurate.

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