Reply To: When is the best time to go for infertility treatment

Iris_Watson Iris Watson 

Hey, hope you are doing well. I agree with you. One should never waste their time on TTC if it is not working. I wasted my 12 years on TTC. But nothing worked out. Few months back i decided for fertility treatments. I am now 36. And i have wasted my 12 years desiring for baby and getting disappointed. I love kids so much. And it was so hard for me to survive past 12 years. Life was more than a hell. I was not aware of these infertility treatments like IVF and surrogacy. i got to know about them 2 years back. But i was scared of them. so i never thought about it. Or planned to try any treatment. Few months back i saw a video on you tube regarding surrogacy. And i got interested to know more about it. And this led me to try surrogacy. And i realised i have wasted so much time. But its never too late. Maybe it was meant to be this way. I am glad that finally i made a right decision.

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