Reply To: When is the best time to go for infertility treatment

Katherine_milakovic katherine milakovic 

Gitanjali, hope you are doing fine. It was about time that someone raised this issue. Our society reacts weirdly to this issue.I do not understand why people wait until damage is unrecoverable. They will do everything what their friend and family tell them but wont consult a specialist. They should understand that medical condition of one patient differs from other. One might get help from such experiences. It is indeed very important to consult a qualified infertility specialist.I understand your point of view because i too have the same issue. For year i was TTC naturally.I never expected any infertility issue.After consulting doctor I found out that I have endometriosis. I had to undergo IVF but it also failed and I am regretting now. Moreover, wasting time might affect the fertility strength of a couple. As with age the egg health and sperm count decreases.

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