Reply To: Infertility In Women

Amelia_daisy Amelia daisy 

“Infertility is a curse. It is harming people. It is most common in woman. It is the horrible phase in a woman’s life. In my opinion, no woman deserves to face infertility. unfortunately, some women have to face infertility. It is the worst reality of this life. It kills a woman when she hears about her infertility.
It destroys a woman from inside. A woman never wants to face infertility is her life. The good things are that many treatments for infertility have also been introduced. IVF and surrogacy are good treatments for infertility. They have decreased the infertility rate. They are blessings of science. I have seen many couples who have been blessed with baby through this treatment. A large number of people moving towards this treatment in order to have a baby. May God bless everyone with good health.”

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