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Happy_mom Happy mom 

Look Mahi, I am not sure why you are being so depressed. If you have a life partner then you are both into this together. I’m sure I’m you’re now desperate to have children. Ivf is a very expensive treatment. I can’t say how you guys have been able to afford to go through it thrice. It also depends on the expertise of the doctors. Also that, your own health condition might not be suited for FET. You should take some time to invest in your health. As Ivf is used to artificially induce your hormones to cause pregnancy. Hormonal imbalance can cause multiple health issues. Do you also suffer from obesity or any other condition? You should also discuss with a foreign practitioner. Share your diagnosis with them. It’s nothing that should cause you to be this depressed. As your first commitment is to your spouse. Won’t they feel hurt seeing you like this?

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