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Lucy_natsu lucy natsu 

HELLO there! expecting that everyone doing great. I am new to this forum. I found this post very interesting. Of course, infertility is the common problem of present time. I want to discuss its reasons. I think infertility is not only a genetic problem. There are also many other reasons are present. If we look into past the infertility rate was much low as compared to now. Fast food, depressions, the sex-related disease like STDs are the main causes. In STDs, it found that chances of vaginal infertility are very high. Its symptoms can also be seen in men. It includes pain during sex, fever etc. It is all due to irregular routine and negligence to this problem. This is not big issues but can be worst if ignored. These diseases should be controlled from the start. We should consult with our doctor in this regard. There is only a need to be conscious of health. So by taking care of ourselves, we can handle this problem.

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